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Hi! I’m Oren I. Pardes.

Welcome to The Pardes Perspective: An Oren‘s Eye View!


This site features blog posts and quotes from the view of Oren‘s eyes. Hopefully, you’ll find them educational, entertaining, and encouraging.

Although often inspired or influenced by others, all opinions and insights expressed on this site are those of Oren Pardes (at the time posted).

Seeing things differently is like those optical illusions that have more than one image visible depending on what we focus our attention on.

Where we are coming from is often as important as where we are going. Where, when, how, and why we start, stop, stand, or study often affects what we (can and/or cannot) see – and where we can go (from there).

A cohesive and comprehensive approach to understanding anything usually includes accepting and integrating multiple (possible) views.

Putting things into perspective often means more than just recognizing and honoring different possible points of view. Each experience, unique understanding, and particular perspective must also be acknowledged as an only incomplete attempt at interpreting and explaining aspects, implications, and connections of pieces of a bigger picture we may not ever be able to fully perceive, comprehend, or appreciate in its entirety.

While The Pardes Perspective shared here does NOT take a “formal” or (formulaic) fourfold “PARDES” approach to presenting (first simply at face value, second as a metaphor, third conceptually, and finally, fourth attempting to reveal what may be hidden), Oren does “naturally tend to think and write as if there is “more” to everything (and everyone) than is often (or ever) obviously apparent – while attempting to include and integrate ideas and information from various (personal) perspectives.

While there may be absolute truths, our perspectives are, by definition, subjective (and conditional). That’s my perspective. What’s yours?

YOUR interaction and input is desired, welcomed, and appreciated, so PLEASE comment – and share YOUR (own unique) perspective(s)!

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