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Hi! I’m Oren I. Pardes.

Welcome to The Pardes Perspective: An Oren‘s Eye View!


The posts, quotes, and reviews shared on this site emphasize experience and empathy to educate and entertain, enlighten and explain, edify and elevate, encourage and empower.

Although often inspired or influenced by others, all opinions and insights expressed on this site are those of Oren I. Pardes (at the time posted). Please cite all on this site as his sight (or his-story from hindsight). This is my site – and mind sight.

We see more with the mind than with the eye alone – so I am not “alone”. We are “all one”. Many words initiate with the letter “I” – including: integrity, intelligence, and imagination. All are “imperative” prerequisites for “proper” perspective.

While Oren does tend to think and write as if there is “more” to everything (and everyone) than is often (or ever) obviously apparent – and attempts to include and integrate important information, interesting ideas, insightful interpretations, and inherent implications from various viewpoints, The Pardes Perspective does NOT follow the “formal” formulaic fourfold “PARDES” approach to presenting (first at face value, second as a metaphor, third conceptually, and fourth attempting to reveal, understand, explain or exploit what may be hidden).

Not everything is obvious or intuitive. Sometimes “success” requires a different approach from a different point of view. Understanding, appreciation, and mastery often exist along different lines, at different levels, at different ages or stages.

Where we are coming from is often as important as where we are going. Where, when, how, and why we start, stop, stand, or study affects what and how we (can and/or cannot) see – and, thus, where we can go and what we can do (from there).

Like optical illusions with more than one image that can be seen depending on what we focus our attention on, sought after secrets and solutions sometimes appear in plain sight – if/when/after we are able to change how we see and think.

Those who understand and accomplish most are usually those most willing and able to think, see, do, approach differently.

Putting things into perspective usually means more than just recognizing the relationship and relativity of content (in and out of context) but also perceiving and presenting it from different possible points of view. Each experience, particular perspective, and unique understanding is only an incomplete aspect or piece of a bigger picture we may not ever be able to fully perceive, comprehend, or appreciate in its entirety.

There may or may not be any absolute and unchanging truths, but perspectives are, by definition, subjective, relative, and conditional – with confidence, competence, consciousness, content, causation, correlation, and connections contingent upon context and criteria. Our personal perception is mainly projection, reflection, and interpretation of what we expect and/or can accept. We all have beliefs, biases and blind spots that may limit our view and prevent seeing or understanding what or how others might from where they are. There are always other ways, times, and places to look and understand.

That’s MY perspective. What’s yours?

YOUR interaction and input is welcomed, desired, and much appreciated. Please comment and share YOUR perspective(s)!

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