Aim, Ready, Fire!

Ready or not, a fire without aim is never good.

Aim, ready, fire” makes more sense to me than “Ready, aim, fire” or “Ready, fire, aim“.

Think about it. “Point and shoot” vs “Shoot and point“.

Shoot! What’s my point? Shouldn’t I have a point – especially before shooting (a gun, a basketball, or anything else – including my mouth off)?

Firing without aiming can be dangerous and foolish – especially with anything that could hurt oneself or others. To aim simply means to point in a direction. The ONLY reason to “fire” is with some aim or intent in mind. Even arsonists have “reasons”. Most shooters (and people using metaphors of violence, like shooting, usually “adjust” both their “aim” and their “fire” based upon their “results“. Without impact, shooting might as well be considered “pointless”.

Point of aim and point of impact are NOT always the same. Even when aim and impact are aligned, adjustments are often necessary to keep them that way. The aim of pointing is not simply to shoot – but to accomplish something. It’s “helpful” to know what that is – in advance.

True “gun control” means “hitting” what you aim at – with the impact (and outcome) intended. Unintended impact can be “perilous”. Don’t just shoot to see what happens. Set your sights on something with a desired outcome already in mind – and adjust as necessary. In “quick-draw”, “instinctive”, and “combat” shooting, aiming (and adjusting) often occurs WHILE firing.

Know your intent before you point. Target selection, sight picture, sight alignment, trigger pull, stance, grip, and breathing are a few of MANY factors affecting (the results of) shooting a “firearm”, but more important that the “arms” anyone “fires” is what’s in their mind (before, during, and after).

Our “inner environment” is usually more important than our equipment or any outer conditions. Our “inner fire” strongly influences our aim(s). It’s NOT our “readiness”, but our desire(s) determining what we are (or are not) “prepared” to do. The U.S. military preaches that proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance – but that does NOT mean waiting until “ready” to fire. Few people are ever really ready – for anything. “Ready” or not, take action – but NOT without some prior idea of what and why.

The “best” choice is to think like a person of action and act like a person of thought. That’ll usually score you “points” – whether or not we “shoot“, let alone what, when, where, how, or why.

To “fire” someone originally meant more than just “terminate employment”; it referred to burning their house to the ground – forcing them to leave and move elsewhere. With so many wars, fires, and people “unemployed”, I think it’s time we all focus more on our aim(s) BEFORE we are “ready” or fire.

That’s my perspective. What’s yours?

What are YOUR aims, aspirations, and desires?

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2 responses to Aim, Ready, Fire!

  1. Pj Zafra

    Wow! Awesome post here Oren. Definitely agree with you on what you said “firing without aiming can be dangerous.” It’s always important to have our aim and make sure we’re aiming for the right thing in return. Great lesson and insight here. Thanks and keep it up! 😀

  2. Oren Pardes

    Thanks for your comment and encouragement, PJ. Your perspective on my posts is welcome and appreciated.

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