An Ill Eagle Has Landed

The United States of America, the United States of Mexico, and States of Texas and California are (each) considered (democratic) republics – although it is increasingly unclear for what each may stand (or fall) for. It was recently claimed by U.S. President B.H. Obama that their bonds were more important than their borders. Financially this may be true – since all four economies are experiencing a variety of difficulties. It seems their governments cannot enforce their budgets – or appetites for spending – any better than they can their borders and rely upon selling bonds (that they may not be able to repay) to fund much of what they do (or don’t).

Mexicans crossing the Rio Bravo into Texas are often referred to as wetbacks. While it has NOT stopped unauthorized border river crossing, fences erected by U.S. states of Texas and California have increased the number of people emigrating illegally from Mexico into the arid extra-dry moon-like desert state of Arizona. A lot of people seem to be wetting their pants over this.

The eagle is considered a national symbol of the United States of America. The eagle is also considered a national symbol of the United States of Mexico – which is why it is on Mexico’s flag. In 1969, an (American) Eagle landed on the moon. Presumably, there is still an American flag there – claiming the territory? If all goes according to plan, in 2020 there will be quite a few Americans living in a permanent NASA moon base. It is unclear if Mexicans or anyone else will be welcome there (as immigrant workers and/or permanent residents).

In real life, eagles are endangered (of becoming extinct). Eagles as national symbols are expected to soar. Lately, it seems as if the (legal) eagles of the United States and Mexico are quite sore – at each other. In a recent meeting between the Presidents of these two neighboring countries (with ill eagles), BOTH condemned an Arizona state law set to go in effect in July regarding illegal immigration – and a representative for the U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement said they would not accept nor deport anyone turned over to them by state law enforcement officers for being in the country illegally.

While the law in Arizona is actually quite similar to existing U.S. (and Mexican) Federal law (and the California Penal Code), it will likely be challenged in court – since Arizona actually wants to enforce their law (which the others often don’t). It is also very likely that Arizona will lose the case and the new law will be declared “unconstitutional” and required to be revoked – since the United States Federal Government will claim the sole right to make or enforce immigration policy. What the “citizens”, “voters”, and/or (legal) “tax payers” of Arizona (or anywhere else) want or think may be best (especially for them) probably doesn’t really matter. Political and legal considerations are usually secondary to economic ones – and the type of “commerce” and “trade” that porous borders allow is currently considered more desirable than the costs that those living in the area have to pay as a result.

While (national) currencies used may differ, money itself knows no border – and those who most control both often have no limits. Economics rather than politics will be what determines which, if any, nations remain “sovereign” (or even survive) – in a New World Order (with ONE world bank, government, and “health care”).

The “richest” single individual willing to be identified (by Forbes magazine) is NOT American Bill Gates, but a man in Mexico. The number of billionaires in China is also far more than many Americans may realize. But it is FAMILIES that actually control most of the world’s wealth. There are those in Italy who do not measure their assets in millions, billions, or even trillions, but in quadrillions.

While the LOVE of money CAN contribute to many problems (for individuals and society), it is NOT the (real) ROOT of all evil. Lust and greed certainly infect and affect people – but for those who have the most, money is all but meaningless. They are often addicted to power, control, influence, and ideas. It is what people perceive, think, believe, and then do that tends to make far more difference than anything to do with money. Money is only an idea – representing the very subjective “value” for which it can be exchanged.

It is (aspects of) ideology rather than (the love of or lust for) money that is often motivating, manipulating, and making a mess of things – in more ways than many people realize. It is also not so much ideas than people’s identification and attachment to them that creates problems – especially for those living in Scare-City (regardless of how much money or assets they do or do not actually have).

While the American Silver Eagle may be an excellent “investment” in a world where the value of cash is falling faster than oil is flowing into the ocean, many symbolic (political, religious, and economic) “eagles” (and other “entities”) of the world often appear to be increasingly (mentally) ill – based upon their behavior (and professed beliefs).

“Secret societies” of various kinds have existed for thousands of years. Like the “Law of Attraction”, much about these societies, their members, their rituals, and their agendas is really not all that “secret” – or taken as seriously as probably should be.

Some people’s beliefs about family bloodlines and what is or is not most desirable for the future of the planet (for some) have as much or more impact (on YOUR life) than anyone’s beliefs about religion. Ideas are often infectious – and like disease epidemics can sometimes end up killing a LOT of people when they spread. Most (physical) “security” precautions are ineffective and easily overcome because they ignore that the “threat” and real weapon of mass destruction is what is in someone’s mind – not what can be looked for in their shoes, luggage, or even body cavities.

Like illegal immigration, DEBT, and many other things upon which we now seem to be addicted to and dependent upon (even more than fossil fuel), illegal drugs can (and will) NOT be legalized or eliminated without ruining the existing economy (of the world).

The trafficking of illegal drugs (and dangerous ideas) is more popular, profitable, and better protected (as an industry) than the (illegal) trafficking of humans and weaponry. Drug use, abuse, and addiction funds many “criminal” and “terrorist” organizations – in and out of government. The bonds between those who benefit are stronger than any borders between them.

Political propaganda aside, the United States benefits from the drug trade – including in Afghanistan where the Taliban is allowed to produce as much opium as desired to fund their fight against U.S. Marines and soldiers sent there (to die – not for “natural security” but “interests” for which most Americans would object, like the “freedom” of a neighboring country’s natural gas to flow through private pipelines that will never deliver anything to the United States but the deaths of more serving in the military). The American eagle (and American public) is truly ill (informed) – especially regarding what is and is not being “protected”.

Neither the Public nor the Republic seems to get much respect these days – and political demo-cracy often appears to be just a demonstration of crazy. Recent U.S. “health care” laws will not help the eagles, the People, or the economies of either the United States of America or Mexico be any less ill – regardless of legal status.

What do YOU think (can be done) about any of this?

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