Are you insane or just crazy (enough to succeed)?

Insanity is often defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results – and yet success often depends on doing something (well) long enough for desirable results to manifest.

Insanity or just patience? Perhaps some of both is needed for “success”.

Persistence or even dedicating one’s life to something (with or without desire and belief) is not enough. If it were, there would be a lot less dead flies in front of windows. The famous inventor Thomas Edison didn’t just keep going (long after most people would have quit); he learned from the result of everything he did and kept changing what he did (next) until he got what he wanted. He did not consider himself a “failure” even when he did not achieve what other people considered “success”. He saw the light long before others.

Monitor results. Correct and continue. Rest if you must, but do not quit. Anything worth doing is worth doing (even poorly at first). Improvement, skill, and desired outcomes often require a LOT of repetition.

A stone mason may pound on a rock many times with no apparent effect before it finally splits. It was not the final blow alone but the cumulative effect of all those before it. If something seems to not be working, there are two possibilities. Either something has to change – or the same thing has to be done more/longer to get what is desired. Success in anything is often like an orgasm. Sometimes instead of something new and/or different, it is simply more of the same that is needed (and desired).

For water to freeze or boil, a threshold must be crossed. The same is true for nerves in our bodies – and many other things in our lives. Going almost all the way may yield little or no result, while just a little more (of the same) can often produce an amazing difference. As “irritating” and uncomfortable as it may feel, “transformation” and reorganization into something “better” usually requires sufficient “perturbation” of a very similar (and often unrelenting) nature. Too much stress and strain causes blisters and things to break (including the will to go on), but if not overdone and allowed time to recover, like a callus, bone, muscle, or skill, people tend to adapt, strengthen, and be able to do more as things are continued rather than changed.

People give up and quit for many reasons. They may or may not realize how close they are to “success”, the finish line, or acres of diamonds when they quit (not knowing they may be three feet or less from the gold). Either way, people themselves are not “failures” – especially if they learn something worthwhile along the way.

It’s been said that “every master was once a disaster” – and that doors that seems to close often allow others to open (if we pay attention). Sometimes apparent “failure” in one area (may be what actually) leads to “success” in another….

In many ways, “success” is relative, somewhat subjective, and self-defined – yet “success” is almost always faster, “easier”, and more enjoyable (and perhaps even more worthwhile in the end) with the help of others. Communication and cooperation tend to enhance manifestation and celebration. Some things may seem better alone, but there is little in life that is not improved in some way by sharing.

It takes two to tango – and two or more for an individual to benefit from synergy and support. At the very least allow others to encourage and congratulate (or console) you. This is as a good a place as any to practice. What you do think, say, and do matters (to others) – more than you may realize. Call us crazy, but I and many others actually care.

May your success exceed your expectations and surprise you with its significance – not just to you but also for others.

That’s my perspective. What’s yours? Please leave a comment below.

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2 responses to Are you insane or just crazy (enough to succeed)?

  1. David Wood


    I think I’m both. Lol. You need a little craziness to make it today. Late nights, early mornings, and a dream that isn’t rational at all…

    I’ll be back for more, keep the content rolling 🙂

    Dave Wood
    .-= David Wood´s last blog ..How I Got More Than 157 Video Testimonials In Less Than A Week =-.

  2. Beth Hawkins


    Doing the same thing over and over expecting DIFFERENT results is called crazy but doing the same thing over and over expecting the SAME results is PAYDAY if you have found the key to the secret formula of success for YOU.

    There is a time when being crazy about someone or something can be the engine that boosts your rocket. For instance, how many times have you been “love” crazy about pursuing a guy or gal that is attractive to you. That burning desire to have that relationship drives you to bring about the desired results.

    Too many people are stuck in the trenches of “same old, same old” going nowhere fast and we as coaches and entrepreneurs need to help them get “crazy” about something they are passionate about which in return will dramatically change their lives. This good kind of crazy in return can bring about a positive change in their world .

    I like being insanely crazy over helping others reach their full potential to create not only abundant wealth but a self respect and self worth that is measured in more ways than with money.

    I look forward to more Oren, keep it coming, Beth
    .-= Beth Hawkins´s last blog ..Bad Deadly Knowledge: Do You Think Foods You Eat Provide All Nutrients Your Body Requires? If so, You Have Been Misinformed and You May Be Innocently Killing Yourself =-.

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