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Gun Problem? Or Social Connection Issue?

Tweet The United States of America has a “gun problem” – but not the one most people (around the world) seem to think and talk about. That Americans [..]

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Is Life Like A Sudoku Puzzle?

Regardless of why you might even be devoting any time, attention, and effort to Sudoku (or anything or anyone else in life), what might your preferences, habits, and “results” reveal and “say” about you? Read more »

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Tweet Have you heard or used the term “sheople”? It seems popular to think of and refer to any human individual or group believed to just “mindlessly follow” [..]

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Memorial Day

Tweet Even many Americans seem to FORGET or NOT KNOW that this coming Monday (May 29th) is a (federal) holiday – and most that do, seem to NOT [..]

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Evolution does not require revolution

Tweet Individuals, societies/cultures, and species all “evolve” – in “dynamic spirals” – at different rates along different lines to different hierarchal levels. Like a labyrinth, regardless of perceived [..]