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Memorial Day

Tweet Even many Americans seem to FORGET or NOT KNOW that this coming Monday (May 29th) is a (federal) holiday – and most that do, seem to NOT [..]

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Evolution does not require revolution

Tweet Individuals, societies/cultures, and species all “evolve” – in “dynamic spirals” – at different rates along different lines to different hierarchal levels. Like a labyrinth, regardless of perceived [..]


Ending Terror

Terror is a means to an end. What that really means is that terror must end. Read more »

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Maybe Later

Rather than simply say “no” – or accept that as a final response from others, consider the possibility of it being Not now; Maybe later. Even what at any given time may be clearly ruled out may at another time be reconsidered Read more »

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The light of your life is meant to be shared

While whatever may be “unique” or even just “uncommon” may benefit us, its real “value” is in what it may offer and contribute to others. Read more »

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