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The light that saves may be your own

A lighthouse exists solely for the purpose of serving and saving others – whether they realize they are in need of help or not. To ignore or attack a lighthouse is not only stupid but puts others in danger as well. Read more »

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A Capital Idea

As an experiment, i propose that We capitalize “You” and “We” but not “i” – and see what effect that has on our communication. When a verb follows, We might also consider writing the “i” as if it were an Apple product: iThink iCan (because iDid). Read more »


iTEAM for all

Tweet Nobody ever really “wins” alone – but that does not mean there isn’t an “I” in TEAM.

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Deeds, not words

Tweet Military mottos may matter – but deeds do more so than creeds. What follows are some favorites from leading units around the world: Faire Face [Rise Up] [..]


Heroes Wanted

Simply serving (in the military) or dying (while at war) is not necessarily heroic – yet how a nation regards, remembers, and honors those who serve(d) and those who are no longer living matters more than many people may realize Read more »

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