Are you insane or just crazy (enough to succeed)?

Insanity is often defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results – and yet success often depends on doing something (well) long enough for desirable results to manifest.

Insanity or just patience? Perhaps some of both is needed for “success”. Read more »

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Keeping A Positive Eye On Others

“Everything is energy” – but clearly not all energy is the same. This is a good, given “negative” talk about a supposed “energy crisis”. Read more »

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Making a Difference

“Each day when I awake I know I have one more day to make a difference in someone’s life”

Wanting one’s life to matter and make a positive difference (recognized and appreciated by others) is probably among most people’s deepest desires. Read more »

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20/20 Vision and Still Blind?

Each of us has our own perspective: a different vantage point and a unique perception and interpretation. There are things we can see that others cannot – and there are things that others can see, often quite clearly, that we cannot. Read more »

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Each of us is a Teacher

Each of us is a teacher (whether we realize it or not) – and it’s our duty to teach and share what we know. That’s our “job”. Don’t shoot the messenger! Read more »

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Life Is A Habit

Our health, wealth, and happiness are a result of our habits. The word “habit” originally meant an article of clothing – and we still use it that way when referring to a nun’s costume or the attire worn while riding horses.

Like our clothing, our habits identify, express, and cover every aspect of our lives. Read more »

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Which Station Are YOU Tuned Into?

You’ve probably heard that “everything is energy” and that “where attention goes, energy flows”, but you may not be aware of just how important different (pulsating) electromagnetic frequencies are to life. Much of that energy is flowing through space (directly and as a result of reflection, refraction, or diffraction) in electromagnetic waves.

Our bodies are like antennas that allow us to “tune in” to the station(s) of our choice. Our ability to choose allow us to accept some signals and reject others from the many broadcasts we can receive.

Broadcasting originally referred to planting seeds. If we are not careful about what we allow to take root, we may later have difficulty ridding ourselves of it. Read more »

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The Juice Within: What’s Inside Me

When you squeeze, stress, or apply pressure to something (or someone), you often find out what’s inside: the “juice within”. Sometimes, what you get is what you expect; sometimes, it’s a surprise. The only way to know for sure what something (or someone) is made of – without taking them apart – is to apply a little pressure and see what kind of response you get. I don’t mean pushing people’s buttons for no reason, but no one really knows what they can, or cannot, handle (or how) until put in the situation. Despite what they may think, few people really know how they will react or what they are (or are not) capable of until “put to the test” – when and where it counts (the most). Read more »

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The Energy You Send Out Is What You Get Back

Are you sending out to GIVE or to GET?

What we are thinking about and how it makes us feel is what we get back. You can focus on what you don’t want or focus on what you do want. It’s the feelings that create the energy we send out. Reality is nothing more than the result of how we have been flowing our energy. We do not have to face-up or put up with anything. All we have to do is learn to flow our energy differently. Read more »

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Do You Have A Deficit Relationship?

There is a lot of talk today about “deficits” (and what is perceived and proclaimed as “lacking”, or “not enough”, in some way). Most people are aware of a growing “budget deficit” and increasing “attention deficit”. But, is there really a deficit (problem) at all – or just a difficulty in our default definition, distribution, and allocation of assets and resources?
Read more »

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Don’t shoot the messenger

Consider the source less important than the truth, importance, and/or relevance of what is shared. Far too often people pay more attention to the messenger than the message or how something is said rather than what is (or is not) said – with social “status” and style seeming to matter more than substance.

Credibility and trust are often extended or withheld upon irrelevant criteria. Read more »

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Memorial Day

Even many Americans seem to FORGET or NOT KNOW that this coming Monday (May 29th) is a (federal) holiday – and most that do, seem to NOT KNOW (nor even care) why. What about YOU? Read more »

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Evolution does not require revolution

Individuals, societies/cultures, and species all “evolve” – in “dynamic spirals” – at different rates along different lines to different hierarchal levels. Like a labyrinth, regardless of perceived current position or direction, all are traveling to the same eventual “destination” – but in their own time and way. Read more »


Ending Terror

Terror is extreme fear. Fear is the anticipation of pain in the future rather than pain itself (in the present). Fear and what people do or do not do (especially to or for themselves or others) because of fear is usually more harmful and debilitating than any pain anticipated or actually experienced – be it real or imaginary. Regardless of whether or not pain is anticipated or unexpected, preventable or unavoidable, most people can handle and cope with far more than they may believe. Pain may not be a choice – but often suffering is. Fear is a loss of faith – and more the opposite of love than hate.

The intent of “terrorism” is NOT to kill, wound, or destroy but to make people afraid – and thus easier to attack, manipulate, and control. Fear often causes people to harm themselves (and others) far more than any attack ever could.

One way to end “terrorism” is simply to stop being be afraid – and deal with what is occurring now rather than fearing what could happen in the future. Read more »

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Maybe Later

Yes or No? Maybe – Neither or Both. We don’t always know – the best response. There are almost always more options than we are initially aware of. Sometimes too many or too few alternatives is a problem. Read more »

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The light of your life is meant to be shared

Each of us has gifts, talents, and abilities, insights, understandings, and experience that others do not. While whatever may be “unique” or even just “uncommon” may benefit us, its real “value” is in what it may offer and contribute to others. In many ways, what we usually think of as “ours” may actually be (“intended” more) “for others”. Read more »

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