Breathe – Deeply!

Today, like all others, is the start of a new year. When beginning anything, the idea is usually also to be gaining something. Initiative can be good – but is better when it also includes finishitive. It’s very seldom enough to just initiate; we usually must also “integrate” – far more than just (what is and is not taught in and outside of) public schools.

Each anniversary marks not just another year past, but also one year closer to our (impending) death. Our expiration is not a one-time event (at the end of life); it is an ongoing process (from the start as a major part of life – just like growth, evolution, and transformation). While we do not stay the same, grow OR die is a false paradigm. We often grow AND die simultaneously.

The opposite of expiration is inspiration. To inspire also means to inhale or breath in. Expiration is essentially our last exhalation. How much or often we conspire and perspire is optional, but if we do not regularly inspire we will very soon expire. No need to hyperventilate. Just breath – often and deeply.

Hale is a word that means both whole and health. Whole health care is often referred to as holistic. To (be) in-hale would seem to be much more desirable than ex-hale. The word hale not only hails the relationship of health to wholeness but also the idea of holons – or whole parts of a greater whole (composed of parts). Life is essentially time, relationships, and the stories we tell ourselves and others (mainly about the other two). Our life story is composed of many stories and all are holons within the greater story of all life. The most meaningful stories are usually those that touch the heart.

The first organ to develop after conception (and start of life) is the heart. The heart is more than a pump (of blood, oxygen, and sugar); it is also the prime source of and connection to our vibratory energy in motion – our e-motions. Without motion there is no life. Prime the pump of life. Breathe – deeply!

Life outside the womb begins with the first breath. Our heart cannot beat for long if we don’t breath – and resume regular respiration. Respiration requires both inhalation and exhalation, inspiration and expiration. Breath in; breath out. If possible, live long and prosper. Just don’t hold your breath trying.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take – or hold. Expiration may be inevitable, but is ongoing inspiration and aspiration that keeps us alive – physically and emotionally. We give the breath of life each and every time we inspire (ourselves or others). Those who do not inhale lose some life in the process. Holding one’s breath or not breathing at all taking breaths away and leaves us breathless. Breath-taking moments are not nearly as desirable as those that make us breath deeply, fully, and profoundly.

May the year(s) to come be filled with many moments that fill your lungs, your heart, your mind, your time, your relationships, and your stories with life. Breathe – and share your inspiration, perspective, and comments below.

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  1. Frank Levey

    These words are concise and beautifully clear. Breath, from our first to our last, is not only metaphor for our lives but actually our breath can clearly indicate how we live our lives. Nice heartfelt words, Oren, and I look forward to more of your poetic , insightful prose! Pleasure making your aquaintance!

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