Clearly “C”-ing Changes Context

MANY words in the English language start with the letter “C”. There are far too many to list, but some of my favorites include: caring, compassion, and commitment. Yet there is another COMMON “C” word that is often (unintentionally?) mis-used.

Many “educators”, instructors, and other “presenters” often use the word “cover” – mostly referring to the “material” they intend to “go over”. All too often, that is exactly what they end up doing – until their time is also (“up” and) “over”. While “cover” CAN mean to “include” or to “comprise” (as in a “cloth”-like material), it mostly means and is interpreted as: to “protect”, “shelter” and “shield” (often as a “lid” or “top”); to “hide”, “conceal” and “screen” (as a “disguise”). Rather than “going over” things, I encourage teachers, trainers, experiential facilitators, and anyone else with something to “share” to refrain from “covering” anything, but rather allow, assist, and encourage their audience(s) to “discover” the value that lies within.

Curious and/or concerned about what catalysts, coaches, counselors, and cheerleaders have in common?

Hopefully the following “cryptic” content (credited to Mitch Axelrod) will help with planting, pouring, paving, preparing the way as a tool or technique of increasing (self-)responsibility, reliance, and reflection:

Consider the following list for C-ing the future (and “playing a new game”):

    1. Context – responsibility, reliance, reflection
    2. Convergence – no box; no rules; no playbook
    3. Consciousness – aware, alert, alive, attentive
    4. Clarity – critical characteristic of choice
    5. Change – unprecedented, unprepared, uncertain, unsettling = new opportunities
    6. Challenge – new thinking, new models, new solutions, new leadership
    7. Compassion – value differences, empathy, esteem, humanity above vanity and insanity
    8. Contribution – self, others, give, exchange value for value, talents and abilities
    9. Capitalization – monetize, payoff, reward, highest and best, compassionate capitalism
    10. Communication – speak, share, ask, improve, express yourself, listen and understand
    11. Creation – what’s new? What’s next? Create inside out, craft your life story
    12. Conversation – engage, elevate, enrich, understand vs. win, persuade, convince
    13. Collaboration, cooperation, and cohesion – conscious business vs. competition, confrontation, and/or collision

Everything is integrated and holistic – including consequences and outcome. Many people prefer to not “wake up” (from both individual and group dreams they perpetuate each day they get out of bed) – and remain “rigidly” resistance to (recognizing) “what is” – resulting in (personal and collective/societal) soul, role, and/or goal frustration (limited by physical time on the planet). Ignorance is often just unaware. To Know one’s self includes acknowledging both strengths and limitations.

It’s as easy as ABC, 123:


    1 Mind
    2 Worlds (Inside & Outside)
    3 Dimensions (Intrinsic, Extrinsic, Systemic)

    Feel, Do, Think
    Soul, Role, Goal
    Love, Serve, Obey

Good and evil sometimes seem relative (depending upon your perspective and vested interest) – unless seen as love and fear. Which do YOU choose?

Anything that is not love is usually a loud call (and need) for love. YOU can show ME some love by posting COMMENTS!

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