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The light that saves may be your own

A lighthouse exists solely for the purpose of serving and saving others – whether they realize they are in need of help or not. To ignore or attack a lighthouse is not only stupid but puts others in danger as well. Read more »

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iTEAM for all

Tweet Nobody ever really “wins” alone – but that does not mean there isn’t an “I” in TEAM.

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Deeds, not words

Tweet Military mottos may matter – but deeds do more so than creeds. What follows are some favorites from leading units around the world: Faire Face [Rise Up] [..]


Heroes Wanted

Simply serving (in the military) or dying (while at war) is not necessarily heroic – yet how a nation regards, remembers, and honors those who serve(d) and those who are no longer living matters more than many people may realize Read more »

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How may we serve each other?

The greatest service society can provide for those who serve society is to make it possible for them to continue to do so.

Rather than asking if we can help or serve, we ought to ask (ourselves and others) how we can. Read more »

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