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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

People ask questions for many reasons – only ONE of which is to actually get information. The answers people give and receive often depend on the questions asked. The very quality of life is probably partially determined by the types of questions we ask ourselves and others. Our (conscious and subconscious) minds will come up with answers to everything asked. The answers we get does not always tell us what we think we want or need to know. Read more »

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Life Is A Habit

Like our clothing, our habits tend to identify, express and cover every aspect of our lives. Read more »

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We NEED separation of MORE than just Church and State

Many, if not all, of the major problems with education, health care, transportation, national resources, national debt, national security, military involvement overseas, etc., etc. would be addressed much more responsibly – and effectively – if those deciding (and/or their immediate family members) were REQUIRED to be directly effected by their decisions. Read more »

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