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Tweet Have you heard or used the term “sheople”? It seems popular to think of and refer to any human individual or group believed to just “mindlessly follow” [..]

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iTEAM for all

Tweet Nobody ever really “wins” alone – but that does not mean there isn’t an “I” in TEAM.

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Like, Comment, and Share

Tweet Facebook filters what we see or are notified about – especially in our newsfeed. Individuals also filter who they want to see their content. We can choose [..]

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Breathe – Deeply!

Tweet Today, like all others, is the start of a new year. When beginning anything, the idea is usually also to be gaining something. Initiative can be good [..]

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FYI – Covering Content Is Often Counterproductive

Tweet Despite common claims to the contrary, “content” is NOT king, queen, or even a royal pain.

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