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Change You Can Believe In?

Tweet For things to change, first we must change – the value perceived. Change is constant – even if it’s often irregular and unpredictable. Ironically, the more some [..]

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When I WIN so does the TEAM

Tweet There’s no “U” in “TEAM“; but there’s an “I” inside of (every) “WIN“ (Where It’s Needed).

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Secrets of Creativity and Innovation

Nothing is ever really created or completely “new”. All that we are, have, (can) do, and know is based on what came before. Everything is essentially a “remix” or variation of an already existing model or theme. Read more »

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Because Losers Always Make Excuses

Tweet It seems increasingly common today for people unhappy with life or their situation to BLAME – Because Losers Always Make Excuses.

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No Expertise Required

Sometimes the best way to help oneself is to help others. If I might somehow be of help to you – or you to me, please let me know. Read more »

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