Change You Can Believe In?

For things to change, first we must change – the value perceived.

Change is constant – even if it’s often irregular and unpredictable.

Ironically, the more some things change, the more they may seem the same.

A value we believe in may have little relationship with the value that others perceive we have (to offer) for them. Some values change; others do not. The same is true for beliefs – both of ours and those of others.

“If my life is of no value to my friends, it is of none to myself.”
~ Joseph Smith, Jr.

Changing friends might be an option – often thought of first by some.
So might be changing oneself, changing meanings, and changing minds.

To thine own self be true!

Change, growth, evolution, transformation, and transcendence don’t negate maintaining integrity. Our truth is relative and what is true for us now may not be later – just as what once was no longer is. An easy example is that what was true for us when we were younger is often no longer still true, for or about us – not only because we have a different perspective, but because we no longer are who and how we once were. Anything we once were or once did but no longer are or do is essentially only true in the past and not true in the present. Likewise, what is true for and about us now may not be so in the future.

Wanting one’s life to matter and make a positive difference (recognized and appreciated by others) is probably among most people’s deepest desires.

Showing others (our) kindness MIGHT be perceived as of “value” by some, but is actually beyond our control – yet is certainly “worth” doing even if it’s not “accepted”, acknowledged, or “validated”.

Expression and fulfillment do not “have to” involve others, but a life of “service” (and sometimes “sacrifice” tends to be more “rewarding” (for all) than merely living for oneself. It is also often a form of love.

A value is what we consider important – and can differ from person to person and at different times. I agree with you that staying “true” to our value is important – no matter how others react. I also believe that our value is greater when it is shared.

Finally, regarding how we (and our truth) are perceived. Consider the story of the Three Blind Men And The Elephant. The limited part of the elephant that each man touched and knew was both true and not true regarding what an elephant is. Even the elephant is limited in his self-knowledge. Each has only their own experience to go on – and that may change over time.

If I hold up a piece of paper that is different colors on each side, we may each claim that what we see is the “correct” color – and we would each be “right” and yet so would neither of us be regarding what we could not (also) see. I hope this helps put the Joseph Smith, Jr.’s quote in perspective.

I don’t really know what Joseph was thinking or meant regarding value. I found it an interesting quote and concept to consider – and am sharing my CURRENT thoughts about it.

That’s my perspective. What’s yours?

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