Deeds, not words

Military mottos may matter – but deeds do more so than creeds.
What follows are some favorites from leading units around the world:

Faire Face [Rise Up]
Ubique [Everywhere]

Aharai [Follow me]
Nec Temere, Nec Timide [Neither Rashly Nor Timidly]
That others may live

Niet praten, maar doen [Don’t Talk, But Do]
Nunc aut Nunquam [Now or Never]
Who Dares, Wins
Audace Fortuna Juvat
[Luck Protects the Bold]
Not for Self, but Others
Courage is Necessary

Honor, Courage, Commitment
The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday
Lerne leiden ohne zu klagen
[Learn to suffer without complaining]
The pain is temporary, the pride is forever
Ma shelo horeg, mekhashel
[What doesn’t kill, strengthens]
Gjør ræt – Frykt ingen [Do right – Fear no-one]

Here to Serve
Assist, Protect, Defend
By Strength and Guile
Fortitude and Compassion
Eager for Duty

Skill is Better than Luck
Shoot – Move – Communicate
Swift – Silent – Deadly
One Shot, One Kill
Servare Vitas
[To save lives]

Peace is our profession. Mass murder is just a hobby.
Anytime, Anywhere, Always Ready, Always There
No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy
Semper Fidelis
[Always Faithful]
This We’ll Defend

Semper Talis [Always Watchful]
In God we trust. All others we monitor.

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