Educate, collaborate, agitate?

There are now many (ongoing) organized and coordinated “emergency” union (protest) rallies across the United States. Union leaders knew in advance about confrontations unfolding here in the States and in many countries around the world – because they were planned (long ago). Unions seldom even take care of their own members and definitely don’t care about anyone they aren’t deducting dues from their paycheck.

72% of firefighters are volunteers – yet firefighter unions would have you think that if we didn’t finance their pensions that there would suddenly be uncontrollable fires everywhere.

Police unions emphasize the dangers they face but fail …to mention that law enforcement officers tend to live longer after they retire (with more lucrative “benefits”) than most other professions.

Members of the Armed Forces are NOT unionized – and do not get nearly the same pay or benefits as “civilian” (public) employees (in or out of uniform). They also do not strike or demand to “collective bargain”. There is NO good reason for anyone who works for any level of “government” to be unionized. They are supposed to be “serving” the “public” – not their own (organizational leaders’) interests.

There are MANY different labor unions “representing” almost every kind of work(er). While some may have started with the intent of improving working conditions, almost all have become part of a (global) self-serving (socialist) movement to “organize” AGAINST any perceived threat to their power and agenda.

European and Canadian unions remain large and powerful but in the U.S., labor unions have minimal impact on wages or working conditions for the majority of American workers – many of whom are just glad they are (still) “employed” at all.

The average teacher’s salary in Wisconsin is $49,000, but that does not count medical benefits and retirement. The total compensation package for Milwaukee teachers is $100,000. This is for only 8 months of work per year.

But now teachers are not even teaching. They are taking paid sick leave in the streets of Milwaukee. Their union is telling voters and the state legislature: “Deal with us, or else!”

There is a huge teacher glut nationally. The ability of Wisconsin’s school districts to replace every teacher on strike with a certified teacher over the summer would be easy. They could probably replace everyone in the street instead of the classroom at 70% of today’s benefits package – with NO complaint(s) from those being hired.

In much the same way that protests in the Arab world have been spreading, so have union protests. They have taken place in Ohio and Iowa. But the protesters represent a minority: the unions.

The goal of all trade unionism is to raise costs of production.

Unions claim to represent “labor,” but at all times the vast majority of “laborers”, “workers”, and people with “jobs” are NOT members of a union – and do not want to be.

Legislation favoring union members discriminates against the vast majority (of Americans), who do not belong to even a credit union.

Unions decide who gets membership. They reserve the right to exclude people. This restricts the labor market, thereby raising wages for members – and prices for consumers.

Union members assert the moral authority and legal right to use violence against any person who offers to work for less than the union is demanding.

In the showdown between PUBLIC union members and the society that pays them, it is important that the unions LOSE!

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