Ending Terror

Terror is extreme fear. Fear is the anticipation of pain in the future rather than pain itself (in the present). Fear and what people do or do not do (especially to or for themselves or others) because of fear is usually more harmful and debilitating than any pain anticipated or actually experienced – be it real or imaginary. Regardless of whether or not pain is anticipated or unexpected, preventable or unavoidable, most people can handle and cope with far more than they may believe. Pain may not be a choice – but often suffering is. Fear is a loss of faith – and more the opposite of love than hate.

The intent of “terrorism” is NOT to kill, wound, or destroy but to make people afraid – and thus easier to attack, manipulate, and control. Fear often causes people to harm themselves (and others) far more than any attack ever could.

One way to end “terrorism” is simply to stop being be afraid – and deal with what is occurring now rather than fearing what could happen in the future.

Fight, Flee, Freeze, or Flow? The choice is yours.
Breathe. Relax. Maintain or Return to Structure. Move.
Focus on what you desire and what you can do; not on what you cannot.

Responsibility is the ability to respond (appropriately) – rather than simply react (impulsively). If people over-react out of fear and give up their rights and freedom and way of life – desperately seeking “safety”, “security”, and “protection” – the “terrorists” will have “won”. No matter what is done to us, the best response is to keep faith and stay strong and true and not give in, not give up, and not give less than our best. We must be better than them – and not weaken or hurt ourselves more than either they do or we think they can. And given the opportunity, we also must not hesitate to crush them.

Terror is a means to an end. What that really means is that terror must end.

That’s my perspective. What’s yours?

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    Thought your post was spot on

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