Evolution does not require revolution

Individuals, societies/cultures, and species all “evolve” – in “dynamic spirals” – at different rates along different lines to different hierarchal levels. Like a labyrinth, regardless of perceived current position or direction, all are traveling to the same eventual “destination” – but in their own time and way.

Humans DNA itself is a spiral (or actually two) in the form of a double helix. Ontogeny may recapitulate phylogeny during some stages of development but evolution is a termination of and transformation beyond anything before.

“Revolution” is means to revolve, rotate, (go around in a) circle, and re-turn to the same spot. The more things change, the more they remain the same. “Revolution” is more about “replacement” than real “change”. “Revolution” implies, “requires”, and inevitably “recreates” and results” in coming back (again and again) to the same (or similar) situation(s), scenario(s), and starting point(s) – still seeking solutions to the same (or similar) “problems”.

“Evolution” spirals – upward or downward – sometimes seemingly more into or out of (the illusion of) “awareness”, “choice”, and “control”. What truly “evolves” does not remain the same nor usually revert to previous “stages” (of either “consciousness” or “development” – in either form or function).

Unless interrupted or interfered with, eventual evolution is inevitable – and even to some extent predictable, like the typical growth and development of most life forms, ideas, and organizations from conception to maturation; but evolution is also usually individual, unique, and even “unexpected” (in some aspect or expression). To the extent possible, most “evolution” should be encouraged – and “revolution” resisted (as it retards and restricts evolution).

That’s my perspective. What’s yours?

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