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Happy Days was a popular television series about life in the 1950s (in Milwaukee, Wisconsin). Happiness is a place people can come from. Bliss may be something to follow, buy happiness is NOT a state to pursue (even if doing so is regarded as a Constitutionally self-evident “right”). Happiness is also not a place to go or to seek out (as an end goal). Although happiness is usually a “byproduct” or “side effect” of other things we do or focus on, but the (“vibratory energy” and) emotional feeling may also be chosen (and felt) – for no reason at all. Disneyland may promote itself as the Happiest Place On Earth, but feelings of contentment, satisfaction, fulfillment, (perennial) Paradise, and eternal bliss come from and are actually experienced inside ourselves rather than out in the world (and are thus independent of situations and circumstances). Happiness may be individual – but it is almost always greater when it is shared.

People eat for many reasons. Among the most common reasons for unhealthy (over-)eating are unhappiness (alone). Happy Meals are more often those that are shared (with those we care about) – rather than purchased (for children) at McDonald’s (where it is inclusion of a simple plastic toy that probably makes children happier than the “food” – that tends to contribute to obesity, diabetes, and all sorts of other dietary-related illnesses, dis-eases, and conditions).

The three most eaten vegetables in the United States (besides corn and soy – which are in almost everything) are the same ones that Americans usually put on their (McDonald’s) “hamburgers”: iceberg lettuce, French fried potatoes, and tomato catsup. These are not the healthiest possible choices – but seem to make people happy. Although there is an association with and expression about being fat and happy, having excess body fat seldom makes anyone happy.

It is easy to slip and fall – both in love and off a “diet”. Cats are reputed to always land on their feet – which may be the origin of cat’s up. What’s up, pussycat? Hap-penis? I wonder if that’s the origin of the famous Cheshire Cat grin….

Ketchup is the most well-known brand of catsup – so much so that the others may never catch-up in consumer’s minds. Catsup is used to flavor food – but it actually conceals almost any other flavor other than its own. Heinz doesn’t actually have 57 varieties (they have less) any more than Baskin Robbins has 31 (they have more). People who actually favor food seldom put catsup on their food. Instead they happily put a smile on their face (without it).

People often smile (more) when they are happy – and a yellow happy face smiley sticky is associated with wishing others a happy day.

On many calendars, yesterday was Valentine’s Day. The (“red letter”) date (along with cards and gifts) brought and/or reflected the happiness of some (couples), but not of all (individuals – both in or without relationships). On other calendars, yesterday was the start of a New Year. Today was Presidents Day in the United States – and most government agencies and many businesses were not open. Although many American seem to seldom contemplate the significance of their days off, most seem happy when they are not working. Tomorrow is Mardi Gras – or Fat Tuesday. Not working (out) today may make people happy, but also fat (tomorrow).

Holidays are “holy days”. Holy is whatever is in part or even wholly (and completely) special, unique, and sacred – consciously distinguished from the ordinary (as profound rather than profane). Pro-found is in favor of (dis-covering and) finding. May you find each day (of YOUR life) to be sacred and holy in its own way.

Happy Asian New Year (of the Tiger)! Happy (U.S.) Presidents Day! Happy (Ever After?) Valentine’s Day! Happy (lazy Monday? and) Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday (eve)!

Want more skinny? The winter (Olympic) month of February is the shortest (and sometimes coldest) month of the year. February is also filled with happy (holy) days – and not just because I was born on the 6th (along with Babe Ruth, Bob Marley, and Ronald Reagan). If one (happy) day is not enough, and Happy Days are what you seek, enjoy the whole month (without ever needing to watch syndicated television!

In the United States, February is also:
• American Heart Month
• American History Month
• Black History Month.
• Children’s Dental Health Month
• International Friendship Month
• National Cherry Month
• National Embroidery Month
• National Grapefruit Month
• National Snack Food Month
• National Wild Bird Feeding Month
• Responsible Pet Owners’ Month

Here’s hoping you share your day(s) (weeks, months, years, and meals) – with those you care about – as a happy, healthy holy experience (for all).

Worry, anxiety, and fear are anticipation of pain in the future. Sadness is pain in the present and anger is anger retained from the past. The polar opposite of fear is not courage or bravery, but love. Feeling loved generally makes people happy.

Here’s a little song I wrote
You might want to learn it note for note
Don’t worry, be happy!

~ Bobby McFerrin

That’s MY perspective. What’s yours?

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