“I am” I said

“I am” I said – to no one there. No one heard; not even the chair.

Popeye the (spinach-eating) Sailor is famous for saying “I am what I am” – the same refrain the Biblical Moses heard from the Burning Bush when asking his “Lord God” who he was talking and listening to.

Taking God’s name in “vain” refers more to what we may say after “I am…” than an inappropriate reference to the Divine.

In Hebrew, the present tense for the verb “to be” is not used – except in the Bible… by God. In Hebrew, one may say “I was” or “I will”, but not “I am” (or “you are”). Instead, the present tense of being is implied. The same is true in Russian. In Spanish, there are two kinds of ways to say “I am” – depending upon whether the condition is considered temporary or permanent. All these languages are based on verbs.

English is a noun-based language – and even activities are often turned into nouns. In the United States, when people are asked, “what do you do?” they most often reply with, “I am….“ most frequently followed by something static – like a job title or ONE role they “play”, carry out, or fulfill (that neither reflects nor describes what they DO nor who they ARE). I’ve heard that there is something called “E-Prime” which attempts to speak English without using “I am” and “you are”, but I have not yet looked into it.

What do YOU say after “I am”? I encourage you to be MUCH more conscious and aware of whatever it may be – since it is a declaration of your identity (and a “prayer” for your energy to resonate with whatever you are describing). Everything may be energy (vibrating at different frequencies), but most of the universe if still just empty space. It is the space between things that both connects them and allows them to exist as individual aspects of all there is. Give yourself some space to just “be” – without adding anything after it.

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