Is Life Like A Sudoku Puzzle?

Sudoku is a popular number puzzle. The goal is to arrange numbers (1-9) [but sometimes in addition to just numbers also letters (A-G)] so that all are included and none duplicate in any given row or column or smaller square within the total square. Perhaps there is some algorithm and simple pattern methodology that applies – like with boxes where all the numbers must add up to the same sum vertically, horizontally, and diagonally, or all the colors on a side of a three-dimensional cube need to match, like with a Rubik’s cube; if so, I don’t know it – and there seem to be almost endless variations for the final Sudoku “solution”.

Sudoku can be found in newspapers, puzzle books, and online. There are most frequently four levels of difficulty offered: easy, intermediate, hard, and evil.

I often enjoy doing what is easy and can usually successfully complete the task and feel good about it. Afterward, I will sometimes, then, move on to a more challenging intermediate puzzle, that might require more time and effort, but also can usually be successfully completed. How I feel after, though, is seldom any better than with the easy level.

Occasionally, I will attempt something difficult. Sometimes I make mistakes. Sometimes I give up. Sometimes I actually figure it out and make everything fit as required. But what I usually feel is simply relief rather than accomplished or proud.

I seldom even bother with evil. It does not interest or appeal to me. Although I might be capable to doing it, the few times I did were far more painful than pleasurable.

What about for you? Do you focus mostly on what is easy (in your life)?

Are you also willing and able to do what is more difficult?

Are you willing to at least attempt doing what you know in advance is considered to be difficult?

And what about what is considered evil?
Does that attract and appeal to you?

Does it satisfy you –as much or more than the other/previous three?

Many times what we do gets easier with practice.
Do you find doing evil easy or difficult?

There often seem plenty of opportunities – for each category.
Which do you focus on?

Which do you find most emotionally rewarding?

Regardless of why you might even be devoting any time, attention, and effort to Sudoku (or anything or anyone else in life), what might your preferences, habits, and “results” reveal and “say” about you?

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