iTEAM for all

Nobody ever really “wins” alone – but that does not mean there isn’t an “I” in TEAM.

Together Everyone Achieves More – and so do I – even outside a TEAM We are IN.

The word WIN acknowledges the “i” IN “We“. When I WIN so does the TEAM! When the team wins, so do I. No one need “lose” for all to “win”. Winning has more than one “I” in it. Two “I”s are better than one – and so are two or more “wins”. Better than a “win” for (only) one is a “win-win” for all – but each one can only be for all if all are also for each one (alone).

The United States Army Special Forces refers to its Operational Detachments as A-Teams. Each “I” within A TEAM provides a unique perspective that improves A TEAM’s vision and capabilities. Initiative begins with the “I”. So does Integrity – and Inspiration. A TEAM is an Integration of (Incredibly Innovative) Individuals. Each is a holon: a whole part made up of whole parts and also part of a greater whole – simultaneously both particles and a wave – both ALONE and ALL ONE, able to exist and function individually, in combination, and even better all together (much like the separate but unequal five fingers in the fist of a fighter).

If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

The United States Marine Corps is often associated with the Korean phrase Gung Ho – working together. Working together usually accomplishes more, faster, and easier than working alone and apart – and is certainly better than working against each other. Collaboration means to co-labor, co-operate, and work together – creating synergy, where the result is greater than just the sum of the parts alone. It is seldom simply the addition of another to do the same, but a division of what is done resulting in a multiplication of what can be done with teamwork.

No man, woman, or child is an “island”; nor is anyone (or anything) ever really “independent”, “self-sufficient”, or even “alone”. We are all connected, affected, and interdependent. What we get is very often the result of what we give. The best way to increase the amount of light and love and happiness in our lives is to share it with others. Rather than anyone having less for themselves, all will end up with more together. It need not ever be equal; just more for all.

Which Station Are YOU Tuned Into? The Energy You Send Out Is What You Get Back!

Creating connections and cooperation with others – as a team and/or partnership – is not only often desired but also sometimes required for “success”, and the ability to both survive” and also “thrive”. To best reach both individual and common goals or destinations, consider reaching out – to others (first, along the way, and afterward). Initiate and invite “I”-to-“I” interaction to involve and integrate others. Act like a team even when you don’t feel like one.

The difference between Illness and Wellness is often simply a matter of focus, emphasis, or attention. Begin with the end in mind. Even if all else is the same, the result will differ if the intent starts focused on “i” or “We“. The best way to help oneself is often to help others. Keep your “I” on the prize – that may only be accessible or achievable in a (winning) TEAM.

That’s my perspective. What’s yours?

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  1. Oren Pardes

    English is the only language (I know) that capitalizes “I” when written and emphasis it when spoken. In most (other) languages, if any pronoun is capitalized in writing, it is usually You, not i. Maybe there should be a new show called Are You Smarter than an iPhone? More people watch YouTube than listen to iTunes. The “i” in any Apple product is supposed to be indicate that it is “intelligent” or innovative or be related to Apple’s information collection and internet surveillance but it may also indicate either how important You are or how insignificant i am when using it.

    Individualism emphasizes a dualistic division with-in. Greater than thee and me is We. If any pronoun is to be emphasized or capitalized, We seems like a better choice – for all. Americans like to call the United States the U.S. partly because it looks like US who are United rather than iStates. The $ symbol used for currency originally had two vertical lines joined like a U – symbolizing both United States and Units of Silver. Our currency Is no longer backed by anything – other than government debt to the private bank issuing it – often as (digital) eMoney. Virtual is never as good as real. The “e” in We is not the letter that matters most. There’s a reason We have URLs and not iRLs and that they begin with 3 Ws.
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