Keeping A Positive Eye On Others

“Everything is energy” – but clearly not all energy is the same. This is a good, given “negative” talk about a supposed “energy crisis”.

I live in San Diego, California. The local professional football team here is called the “Chargers”.  I am not sure if this is just because the city they play for is fiscally irresponsible and unable to pay for anything with the funds it has, because they plan to run away as fast as they can toward any city that will build them the new stadium they want, or because their fans have such an emotional “charge” on their performance.

The Chargers’ logo is lightning bolts. Although not that many people wear football uniforms with lightning bolts on them, most people are like “lightning rods” when it comes to other people’s energy (charges).

Many people are aware that negative ions make you feel better – and are desirable. For some reason, though, negative people are not usually considered so. In fact, there is a lot of talk about avoiding them or “eliminating” them from life.

Perhaps one reason some people may SEEM to be “negative” stems from the people in their lives who seek to be “positive” avoiding them. If people were REALLY “positive”, then they would be unaffected. In fact, their hanging around so-called negative people and sharing some of their positive energy might even result in them both feeling better.

Most negative people really aren’t. Neither are most positive people. The difference between them isn’t very much.  Instead of judging, avoiding or even attempting to change those who are not as “positive” as you may desire, first find out what is going on in their life. It’s probably NOT “contagious” – but maybe your enthusiasm and caring might be. If it’s not, then perhaps you are not as (really committed to staying as) upbeat, positive or optimistic as you may think you are.

Abandonment, banishment and solitary confinement are usually considered among the worst social “punishments” known to humans. “Shunning” negative people – because you don’t want to become one of them – only perpetuates the “problem” (for everyone).

A lit candle can light many others without losing any of it’s own light. The same is true for love and an upbeat, positive attitude.

By avoiding others, you are actually spreading darkness rather than light, fear rather than love, negative judgment rather than positive acceptance and inclusion. You are also demonstrating how you desire others to treat you in YOUR times of “real” trouble and/or emotional turmoil.

Everyone experiences emotional ups and downs/highs and lows. There is nothing wrong with feeling “bad” or not “acting” positive all the time – especially when “bad” things do happen. It’s okay, normal, natural and “healthy” to sometimes feel sad, angry or afraid.  They are expressions of pain. The “cure” is not avoiding or ignoring the “problem”, pain, or “negative energy-in motion”, but acceptance, support and assistance.

Allow yourself – and others – to fully experience all e-motions equally and fully in order to “discharge” them. People are generally happiest and most “positive” when they feel accepted and appreciated for who and how they are.

Want to feel happy and good about yourself – and generate lots of negative ions?  Keep a positive eye on those less fortunate than you and help them feel good about themselves – by spending time with them rather than leaving them all alone (to feel worse). Their “light” may eventually “shine” farther and brighter and affect many more than yours – as a result of YOU moving toward rather than away from their “negativity”.

A little sincere interest, caring, and inclusive support could go a long way to making the world a better place for all.

If you don’t (yet) have a smile on your face, that’s okay; I’ll give you one of mine….

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  1. Beth Hawkins

    What great thoughts to spread. If we only could know all of the positive influences we have on people, we would probably smile more, love more, give more, care more, share more, hug more and feel more good thoughts about ourselves as well as others. Everybody can use a smile, hug, complement, gift and love daily.

    Thanks for making a difference in our conscious thoughts.
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