The light that saves may be your own

People prefer positive messages – and all too often ignore what they label as negative at the risk of placing themselves and others in peril simply because of not wanting to acknowledge what is so and thus be better prepared or positioned to bring about more desirable outcomes

Consider this: a lighthouse is neutral. The light it shines allows those who can see it to find their way to where they go. The same light also warns others of where there is danger and where to not go. A lighthouse will not move – nor care if someone does not like its bright light allowing all to see more clearly.

“At a distance you only see my light.
Come closer and know that I am YOU.”

~ Rumi

A lighthouse exists solely for the purpose of serving and saving others – whether they realize they are in need of help or not. To ignore or attack a lighthouse is not only stupid but puts others in danger as well. None of us is ever in a boat alone – and seeking to sink the “ship” of society and drowning all aboard is not very positive – or survivable by those who seem to think they, too, will not be adversely affected. I do not consider anything I post to be “negative” yet I’m also not afraid of what clearly IS “evil” and “wrong”. I do not claim to be “right” about everything and am fine with people sharing perspectives that differ. If you are “offended” by my posts, don’t read them.

Get INTO your comfort zone! Home is where the heart is.

Coming out of the Dark? Focus on the environment.

Lift the VEIL of EVIL; LIVE, LOVE, and e-VoLvE!

That’s my perspective. What’s yours?

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2 responses to The light that saves may be your own

  1. Roderick

    Well said! It took me nearly 40 years to realize the power of optimism. As an engineer, I was rewarded for being a cynic and designing for worst case. In the area of human relations, though, light is stronger than darkness. Far stronger.

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