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Facebook filters what we see or are notified about – especially in our newsfeed. Individuals also filter who they want to see their content.

We can choose to make posted content Public, visible only to Friends (except those on our Restricted List), accessible to Friends of Friends, or only to various Groups we may belong to or Lists we have created.

The more we like, comment, and share, the more available content we are likely to be able to see, access, and even know exists (to choose from).

“LIKING” an individual PICTURE, POST, or NOTE on Facebook”:

Lets the person who posted it know that someone actually saw it.

Lets the person who “liked” it know when others comment on it.

Increases the chances of more (like it or from the same person) showing up in our newsfeed in the future – without having to visit the poster’s page to even know they posted anything.

Increase the chances of both our and others finding the post again in the future.

Increases the perceived value of the what was shared – for others to then see as well.

“LIKING” a PAGE on Facebook:

Is like becoming a friend or subscriber of the page.

Lets page administrators know who visited – and liked the content.

Allows page posts and notices to show up in the newsfeed.

Increases page ranking and status. URL customization requires at least 25 “likes”.

Encourages more being posted on the page.

COMMENTING is even better than LIKING.

COMMENTING on a personal profile. public page, or group forum:

Lets the poster know someone cared enough to respond – rather than just quietly “lurking”.

Allows interaction and sharing of thoughts, feelings, questions, concerns, ideas, suggestions.

Often starts a conversation – that may or may not even directly relate to what was posted.

Increases the value and noticeability of the post and encourages others to comment as well.

Gives others a reason to visit the commentor’s profile or page to find out more about them.


Is best AFTER Liking and Commenting

Posts someone else’s content onto your profile.

Allows others to see what they may not otherwise.

Gives credit to the source – and a link to them.

Allows tracking of post popularity.


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