Making a Difference

“Each day when I awake I know I have one more day to make a difference in someone’s life”

Wanting one’s life to matter and make a positive difference (recognized and appreciated by others) is probably among most people’s deepest desires.


Rather than ask ourselves IF we are making a difference, I’d like to suggest we ask HOW we do – or can. The actual extent or significance of the difference is seldom up to us to determine. Not everything is obvious, immediate, or acknowledged.

Many times we are totally unaware of HOW MUCH (or even what kind of) impact and/or influence things we say or do really has on others – unless they tell us. What matters to others may be quite different than what we think, expect, or matters to us. It is also important to keep in mind things like “The Butterfly Effect” and the “One Hundredth Monkey”.

There is no insignificant contribution. What may seem quite small or trivial may actually be necessary and essential – with everything else bases on and depending upon it. I don’t think it’s possible to NOT make a difference (of some kind) – even when we do not intend to. Dropping a stone into water creates concentric rings. Moving through air or water generates a “wake”.

Precession (which is a term for the effect of one moving body on another occurring at right angles) may play a much bigger role in our lives and the difference we make in the world and other people’s lives than we may ever know. Moving in any given direction may actually have as much or more effect on where we are NOT heading than where we are. Much of life occurs tangential to and outside of our conscious focus, perception, and attention. Unlike our physical orbit, our sphere of influence also extends through time.

Our “legacy” may be far more impressive than we realize. Like footprints and fingerprints, we leave behind soul prints everywhere we go.

Thanks for waking up today. Your reading this made a (positive) difference to ME.

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7 responses to Making a Difference

  1. Debbie Turner


    Wow, I love this article. Sometimes we take for granted what we now know when we share our knowledge with others. I think you’re right about how often people don’t realize what our little contributions can mean to someone. We think only the big, huge contributions matter.

    You’re an awesome writer. thanks for the value. Can’t wait to read more.


  2. Nicholas Klein

    Awesome post Oren, thanks for sharing a great affirmation and reminding us that we often do not know how far our reach extends, and how many lives we impact daily.

    “The Master of Rapid Residual Recruiting”
    .-= Nicholas Klein´s last blog ..Can You Really Build Your Downline Fast and Absolutely FREE… On 100% Autopilot? =-.

  3. Oren Pardes

    Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a comment. Feel free to share any of YOUR knowledge HERE. It will be most appreciated – both by me and others.

  4. Russ Stiffler

    great post. The peripheral effects, on others, of living an exemplary life can be awesome, even if you are not aware of them.
    .-= Russ Stiffler´s last blog ..Desire – II. How Are Your Habits and Attitudes Working? =-.

  5. Beth Hawkins


    What a great attitude to have. I look forward to reading all your posts.

    To your success,

    .-= Beth Hawkins´s last blog ..Technorati Claim Post =-.

  6. Amandita

    Me gusta lo que lei, como gran filosofo de la vida, que te gusta redactar lo que hay en tu mente y tu corazon. Claro, de alguna manera todos hacemos un gran impacto en la vida de otros y no por casualidad pasa gente en tu vida en su momente, creo que todo es providencia, tener a la gente en su momento para cuando la necesitas pues aprendes algo de esa persona, aunque sea una experiencia amarga, creo que a veces se aprende mas, te hace mas fuerte y mas sabio, si no aprendes nada de las personas que te rodean, solo ocupas un espacio vacio en el mundo

  7. Linda

    I agree. We are all in community. Whether we know we are interacting with others or not… WE ARE. Just by showing up in our life and being present. Thank you for writing this to remind us all that we are never here on Earth alone.

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