No Expertise Required

Are you an “expert” or “authority”? I’m NOT – even on what I think, how I feel, nor anything else I have experience with and/or continue to learn about. Whatever I post online is only an attempt to share one perspective of my perception at a particular time – with the hope that my interpretation may have some value and benefit for YOU by reading it.

Humans are influenced by many things, including perceptions of “Authority”. “Social proof”, “Scarcity”, “Reciprocity”, “Consistency”, and “Liking” also tend to influence most people (to one degree or another). To help me remember these 6, I made up the acronym “SCRALS” – but like many other “SLACRS“, I often don’t even influence myself enough to apply most of what I “know”.

Neither “awareness” nor “knowledge” has made me (feel) very “influential”. Perhaps others question my “expertise” or “authority” even more than I do. Either way, I encourage YOU to always consider the content, context, and meaning(s) of any message more the messenger. Style and social status seldom successfully substitute for substance, actual experience, or accuracy.

I seldom “challenge” or “assert” ideas simply to convince others that I am “right”, know “more” or “better”, or in order to gain “control” of anyone or anything – including myself. If what I write has value and benefit for others, I am pleased, but since I don’t know who may read my words or how they will interpret them, please consider what I write as just offering a glimpse into my thinking at the time that I posted. What you think, feel, or do after reading is not only up to you but completely beyond my control, and usually even awareness – unless you let me know. I’d welcome hearing from you.

I don’t seem to get many comments, e-mails, or phone calls about my blog – so I’m sometimes surprised when people I meet in person tell me that they read and like my online post(s). I would greatly appreciate a little feedback – to at least acknowledge that I am not writing merely for myself. The lack of response to previous posts is one reason I post so much less now. There are many possibilities for why readers may not comment – including not knowing how or not caring enough about what I wrote to do so. What about YOU?

Whether you agree, disagree, have a different opinion, don’t understand, or don’t yet know what to say, I’d still love to hear from you – preferably here.

Sometimes the best way to help ourselves is to help others (first). If I might somehow be of help to you – or you to me, please let me know. I may not be an “expert” or “authority” but I still might be able to offer you something of value if you allow me to. Perhaps you consider yourself more knowledgeable or experienced than I seem to be. If so, I especially welcome your input.

Some people have difficulty saying “No“. Others struggle with “I love you“. Many seem to have trouble with “I’m sorry“. For me, it is often hardest to admit, let alone say, “I need help” – and sometimes even harder to accept it when it is offered. Even just letting me know that YOU read this would mean a lot to me. It doesn’t necessarily take much to make a difference in someone’s life. You do not need to be an “expert” or “authority” to make a difference in mine – nor do I need to be an “expert” to be of service to YOU.

That’s my perspective. What’s yours?

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4 responses to No Expertise Required

  1. Robin Lynn Brooks

    Always stop to read your words and appreciate your perspective. It is refreshing to have an articulate opinion posted by you instead of mere duplicated fluff 🙂

  2. Oren Pardes

    Thanks for stopping by, reading, and posting a comment – to let me know.

  3. Sonia

    Another excellent post! I don’t even like the word expert labeled for myself because I always consider myself in “learning mode”. Now if I had 20 yrs of experience then I might think differently, but still when people teach me something new that is when I know I still have allot more learning ahead of me. Is that a bad thing? No, but a positive thing that will eventually benefit me in the long run.

    You have some mad writing skills and your perspective is amazing in how you articulate it on your posts. You have a completely different way of thinking outside the box and I love where you going with this. If you have an enormous amount of experience with something, the best gift you can offer anyone is giving something back.

    Helping others is what makes a person unique and admired. Otherwise, why keep it all to yourself?

  4. Oren Pardes

    Thanks for your comment, Sonia. Your sharing is very helpful and makes a difference – to me and others. What you wrote also got me thinking.

    Each of us is a teacher – that others can learn from if they choose. We all have experience and insight that others may not. Expertise is always relative, frequently over-rated, and often not required.

    Some people obviously know more than us and/or are better at what we are not, but this does not mean we or anyone else does not have something to contribute that may have of as much, or possibly even more, “value” or “validity” (as an “expert”).

    Confidence, competence, and “credentials” do not always coincide. We do not always know what we (or others) know and what we (or others) do not. The same is true about the “juice within”. It is wise to acknowledge, appreciate, and accept what each of us has to offer – and not automatically just defer to anyone else’s “authority” or greater “expertise” – especially when someone needs (our) help.

    Just as we should not shoot the messenger, we also should not assume all we are told is really so. Authority, accuracy, and ability need not always be questioned or challenged, but neither should it be assumed or accepted as more than anyone else’s.

    Humility is not always a virtue – especially if it keeps what can be offered from being shared. It helps to remember that it’s not just how “smart” or “good” we or anyone else may be, but how, when, where, and in what ways we or they are “smart” or “good”.

    Thanks again for sharing your perspective – and for not keeping what makes you unique all to yourself.

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