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Each of us is a teacher (whether we realize it or not) – and it is our duty to teach and share what we know. Don’t shoot the messenger!
~ Oren Pardes [When Students Are Ready, Teachers Appear]


To know me may not be to love me – but at least be open to the possibility!
~ Oren Pardes [Isn’t it time you knew?] [MySpace (Profile)]

Where we are coming from is often as important as where we are going. Where we stand often determines what we (can) see – and where we can go from there.
~ Oren Pardes [My Perspective]

What you think, say, and do matters (to others) – more than you may realize.
~ Oren Pardes [Are You Insane or Just Crazy (Enough to Succeed)?]

Consider the source less important than the truth, importance, and/or relevance of what is shared. Far too often people pay (more) attention to the messenger than the message. ~ Oren Pardes [Don’t Shoot the Messenger]

The most powerful force in our universe is neither love nor compound interest, but what we tell ourselves – and believe.
~ Oren Pardes [Do You Have A Deficit Relationship?]

Our minds can choose and transmit the frequencies that we want attracted to us.
We attract what we think about most – intensely, frequently, and consistently.

~ Oren Pardes [Your Wish]

We should bless that which we desire – and those who are, do, or have whatever we most aspire. To appreciate is not merely to thank or admire; it is also to increase what, for us, will most inspire. ~ Oren Pardes [Your Wish]

To get more (of anything), we must both appreciate what we already have and be as teachable as possible. How teachable we are changes – over time and in relation to what we desire, learn, practice, and apply. ~ Oren Pardes [Your Wish]

The most “sacred” and powerfully creative (and defining) words (in any language) are “I am” (followed by “we are”, “you are”, “s/he is”, “they are”, etc.). Be very careful with whatever follows ~ Oren Pardes [Just Thinking]

The difference between Illness and Wellness is often simply a matter of focus, emphasis, or attention. Begin with the end in mind. Even if all else is the same, the result will differ if the intent starts focused on “i” or “We“. The best way to help oneself is often to help others. Keep your “I” on the prize – that may only be accessible or achievable in a (winning) TEAM. ~ Oren Pardes [iTeam for all]

iThink iCan because iDid. ~ Oren Pardes [A Capital Idea]

What we put into and allow to come out of our mouths are two choices for which we alone are responsible and accountable. ~ Oren Pardes [Just Thinking]

Slander and gossip are in many worse than battery or murder. You can’t take back anything said; the “wounds” and “scars” sometimes never heal. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words are what really hurt you!
~ Oren Pardes [A Game to Remember]

Kind words are seldom forgotten – especially when obviously sincerely expressed. It does not take much to “make someone’s day”. More importantly, no one else can say what YOU have to say – the way YOU say it.
~ Oren Pardes [Just Thinking]

What the world needs now is NOT necessarily love, but kindness – not only toward others but also toward ourselves. Most people are familiar with the Biblical “command” to love others as oneself. What people seem to miss is that also means loving themselves as they love others. No more. No less. It is NOT cruel to be kind – especially to oneself. ~ Oren Pardes [Love, Hate, and Fear]

The quality and focus of our “thinking” and “communication” is in many ways what determines the nature and extent of our “reality”, relationships, experience, and impact in life. ~ Oren Pardes [Just Thinking]

What people “know” and believe today is based on hi-STORY rather than any actual “evidence” – and HIS story may be quite different from not only hers but from what actually occurred. ~ Oren Pardes

Do not judge people by their appearance, circumstances or situation – especially if you do not really know them! You have no idea who they are/can be, who they know, or what (amazing) things they can do/offer, given the opportunity. ~ Oren Pardes [A Game to Remember]

Although people obviously have preferences and prejudices (for everything including pigment of skin, hair, and eyes), culture, character, consciousness, and choices matter more than color – except perhaps in how (quickly) someone responds to solar radiation. Neither money nor mentality (let alone someone’s “meaning”) is a result of melanin. ~ Oren Pardes

There is a fine line between our NOT needing others and their NOT being needed. Although we are each whole and complete alone, it is only with others that synergy is possible. One of the greatest gifts we can give others is to let them know that they ARE needed. ~ Oren Pardes

Each of us is unique, special, and needed. Each of us has something that NO other can contribute. If/when we do not share or allow others to, we all “lose” something irreplaceable. In some ways, we are like pieces in the giant jigsaw puzzle of life. We are often dependent on other pieces to be in place in order for us to find ours. And others may need us to put our piece in place in order to find where they belong.
~ Oren Pardes [20/20 Vision and Still Blind]

That which is different is strange, queer, odd. But what is unique is also special, sacred, holy, and highly valuable – when seen and/or used that way.
~ Oren Pardes [Birds of a Feather Flock Together]

It is long past time to understand BOTH that we almost always have more in common than whatever is perceived as different, AND that our differences are often our greatest strengths and/or potential resources and assets – if we allow them to be.
~ Oren Pardes

Be on the lookout for “hidden” talent (all around you). Everyone and everything is a potential “asset” and “resource”! ~ Oren Pardes [A Game to Remember]

In-sourcing and out-sourcing are now far more common than (the more needed) re-sourcing – especially since we are the source of all we perceive to begin with.
~ Oren Pardes [Do You Have A Deficit Relationship?]

A LOT of people in the world do not even know how truly great they are or what they could do if they tried. It is often not until someone else recognizes their potential, brings it to their attention, and encourages them to develop it. This has been the case for MANY highly successful people in almost every area of life. ~ Oren Pardes [A Game to Remember]

There’s really no such thing as “failure” – if you learn something (even if only what NOT to do). All we get are “results” – with “opportunities” to correct and continue. A “mistake” (or other unintended outcome) is often a future benefit – the full value of which is yet to be realized. ~ Oren Pardes [Trying my patience]

Look for the BEST in others. Appreciate them; find (and help them increase) their value! ~ Oren Pardes [A Game to Remember]

Perception is projection. Perceiving a lack of something is simply a blind spot, it is an inability to see, comprehend, or appreciate all there is. We each have blind spots in our vision and our thinking. Turning our head isn’t always enough. It is usually with and/or through others that we finally can see what we previously could not and were often completely unaware of. The more people learn and grow, the more they usually realize how much they do not know. But people really do not know what they do not know.
~ Oren Pardes [Do You Have A Deficit Relationship?]

Say YES to no “weeds”, no waste, no wanting, and no more wars based upon scarcity or greed! Say YES to redefining resources and appreciating your assets! Say YES to abundance! ~ Oren Pardes [Say YES!]

Scarcity is more a mindset than reality. True abundance begins with believing that there is more than enough – for all. The easiest way to ensure this is to appreciate and share what is there. ~ Oren Pardes [Grow or Die?]

There is enough for everybody – and there is room for you.
~ Oren Pardes [A Question of Values]

Most people today live in Scare-City (rather than Authentic-City – or outside of a city altogether). Scarcity is a frame of reference in (and out of) which we make choices. Most people (especially city dwellers) start their days thinking that they did not get enough sleep, go through their days thinking that there is not enough time, and end their days thinking they did not get enough done.
~ Oren Pardes [Do You Have A Deficit Relationship?]

A-bun-dance is not enjoyed by tight-asses. ~ Oren Pardes

Abundance means more than enough. Greed comes from wanting more – because it’s never enough. Having enough does not mean you cannot have more – but always wanting more means that you will never have enough. Abundance implies enough not only for you but also for others. It is less the presence or accumulation of whatever exceeds your needs, but not being threatened or deprived by others fulfilling their needs as well. ~ Oren Pardes

Abundance means having more than enough – and thus no sense of lack or wanting. Abundance begins with appreciation of what one already has. Coveting or craving what one does not have or keeping others from meeting their needs often leads to suffering and conflict. ~ Oren Pardes [Say YES!”]

The fastest and easiest way to realize, achieve, and receive abundance is to redefine what is enough and what is needed (to provide it).
~ Oren Pardes [A Question of Values?]

Everything that exists is an asset and a resource – with purpose and potential (whether we realize and make use of it or not).
~ Oren Pardes [Trash or Treasure?]

Many things are better together than they are apart. Ingredients may be inert alone. Combined with a catalyst, the result may be something of far greater beauty, significance, use, value, and worth than either are alone.
~ Oren Pardes [Trash or Treasure?]

Responsibility is the ability to respond. It is something we must advocate, rather than abdicate; accept and embrace, rather than reject and run away from. The most important relationship we have, and the one that affects all others, is the one we have with ourselves. Will yours be based in fear, scarcity, and insecurity or abundance, unconditional love, and ongoing (mutual) support? ~ Oren Pardes [Do You Have A Deficit Relationship?]

“Grow or die” sometimes only results in obesity. ~ Oren Pardes [Grow or Die?]

We and “Life” do not grow OR die; we and “Life” both grow AND die. “Death” (and/or the ceasing to be) is often required for something else/new to be born/exist (and take its place). ~ Oren Pardes [Change, Anyone?]

To really “grow”, often “requires” being uncomfortable, to leave what is familiar and expand our experience and, literally, become someone/something (“more”) that we are not (already). ~ Oren Pardes [Birds of a Feather Flock Together]

To truly change, transform, or transcend who and/or what we are means no longer being US – in order to be something and/or someone else/different. This is not always easy – to even imagine, let alone do. Yet we do it all the time.
~ Oren Pardes [Change, Anyone?]

The best cooks seldom use recipes – and neither do the best communicators.
~ Oren Pardes [Talk to Me]

We tend to ONLY see that which we are familiar, recognize, and by implication, ARE. ~ Oren Pardes [Birds of a Feather Flock Together]

What anyone else thinks of us is really none of our business. What we think about and say (or don’t) to ourselves and others is – especially if we believe it. Much of what we think about others (good, bad, or neutral) is actually projection (often of something we recognize in them about ourselves). Much of what we think about (and say to) ourselves is the result of accepting and believing other people’s projections onto us.
~ Oren Pardes [Just Thinking]

Most negative people really aren’t. Neither are most positive people.
~ Oren Pardes [Keeping a Positive Eye on Others]

Perhaps one reason some people may SEEM to be “negative” stems from the people in their lives who seek to be “positive” avoiding them.
~ Oren Pardes [Keeping a Positive Eye on Others]

Instead of judging, avoiding or even attempting to change those who are not as “positive” as you may desire, first find out what is going on in their life. It’s probably NOT “contagious” – but your caring and enthusiasm might be.
~ Oren Pardes [Keeping a Positive Eye on Others]

By avoiding others, you are actually spreading darkness rather than light, fear rather than love, negative judgment rather than positive acceptance and inclusion.  You are also demonstrating how you desire others to treat you in YOUR times of “real” trouble and/or emotional turmoil. ~ Oren Pardes [Keeping a Positive Eye on Others]

People are generally happiest and most “positive” when they feel accepted and appreciated for who and how they are. ~ Oren Pardes

Keep a positive eye on those less fortunate than you and help them feel good about themselves – by spending time with them rather than leaving them all alone (to feel worse). Their “light” may eventually “shine” farther and brighter and affect many more than yours – as a result of YOU moving toward rather than away from their “negativity”. ~ Oren Pardes [Keeping a Positive Eye on Others]

A lit candle can light many others without losing any of it’s own light. The same is true for love and an upbeat, positive attitude.
~ Oren Pardes [Keeping a Positive Eye on Others]

A little sincere interest, caring, and inclusive support could go a long way to making the world a better place for all. ~ Oren Pardes [Keeping a Positive Eye on Others]

Wanting one’s life to matter and make a positive difference (recognized and appreciated by others) is probably among most people’s deepest desires.
~ Oren Pardes [Making a Difference]

One of the deepest human desires is to be seen (and appreciated) for who we are – and yet most people are afraid of just that. They feel “raw and exposed” – and do not realize that they usually are most beautiful and desirable when they are most vulnerable. ~ Oren Pardes [Love, Hate, and Fear]

Rather than focusing on our own issues and affairs, just to survive, let alone thrive, in the future may require remembering that we are part of something larger, and focusing on others and our environment(s) rather than (exclusively) ourselves. ~ Oren Pardes [Focus on the environment!]

Rather than ask ourselves IF we are making a difference, I’d like to suggest we ask HOW we do – or can. ~ Oren Pardes [Making a Difference]

There is no insignificant contribution. What may seem quite small or trivial may actually be necessary and essential – with everything else bases on and depending upon it. ~ Oren Pardes [Making a Difference]

We are all essentially blind – to what may matter most: much of what is within others (and ourselves). ~ Oren Pardes [20/20 Vision and Still Blind]

Our “legacy” may be far more impressive than we realize. Like footprints and fingerprints, we leave behind soul prints everywhere we go.
~ Oren Pardes [Making a Difference]

Malthus, Darwin and Marx were wrong! The purpose of economics and evolution is not about the fittest surviving, but of everyone thriving. Real wealth and success is much more than financial buying power and accumulation of supposedly limited resources. Adding value is being, doing and/or having more with less.
~ Oren Pardes [Do You Have A Deficit Relationship?]

The very best things in life aren’t things – and can’t be bought. If you want/have to pay something, PAY ATTENTION. ~ Oren Pardes [A Game to Remember]

Money is neither an asset nor wealth, BUT most people would still like to have “more”.
~ Oren Pardes [Want More Money?]

Measure wealth not by the things you have, but by the things you have for which you would not take money. ~ Oren Pardes

There are four basic strategies for having “more” money. The first is to get more people to give you more of theirs more often. The second is to not give others any more of yours than necessary. The third is to leverage the use other people’s money whenever possible – without going into debt. And the fourth is for the money to increase in value. This is most often done by converting it into something other than money that can then both appreciate and generate income in money. ~ Oren Pardes [Want More Money?]

Do not equate your “net worth” with your self worth (or happiness) – or you might just lose both. ~ Oren Pardes

People talk about (paper/fiat) “money” like it is a form of energy, but energy cannot be created nor destroyed, while (printed and digital) money is constantly being created out of nothing and not only taken out of circulation but also existence.
~ Oren Pardes [Do You Have A Deficit Relationship?]

One may have more than enough, but wanting more seldom results in having enough. ~ Oren Pardes [Grow or Die?]

Most money today is actually an instrument of debt, rather than a true currency of exchange backed by anything of real value. The interest owed that can never be repaid to the fractional banking system that lends out money it does not have is one of the major reasons for so many problems and inequities in the world today.
~ Oren Pardes [Do You Have A Deficit Relationship?]

Money is not the same as wealth. Money is not an asset, especially in the form of fiat currency. Having money does not make one rich – and being rich is not the same as being wealthy. There is always a cost associated with using money. In many ways, “money has a hole in its own bucket.” ~ Oren Pardes [Grow or Die?]

Wealth is, quite simply, the yield of earning, spending, saving, investing, appreciation, and sharing (beliefs and habits) over time. ~ Oren Pardes

True wealth begins with health and relationships. ~ Oren Pardes

Our health is our wealth, and if nurtured, will pay dividends for life.
~ Oren Pardes [Life Is a Habit]

Regardless of what the “economy” is doing, your BEST investment is ALWAYS yourself. Your HEALTH is your wealth. So are your relationships – including the one with yourself. ~ Oren Pardes [You’ve Heard It Before: Invest in GOLD!”]

Nothing is life is “free”. Everything has a price. Different people make different decisions about whether the cost is worth it – and whether they are willing (and able) to pay it. Less is often more. The best things in life aren’t (things at all).
~ Oren Pardes [Life Lessons]

People tend to “reap what they sow” and get out of a thing what they put into it. The only thing you probably can’t get out of Life (itself) is … alive.
~ Oren Pardes [Life Lessons]

What one resists, usually persists. Pain is the ultimate experience and expression of resistance (to what is). ~ Oren Pardes [Do You Have A Deficit Relationship?]

Pain is the result of resisting rather than accepting and allowing what is.
~ Oren Pardes [Grow or Die?]

Fear is anticipation of pain (in the future – experienced prematurely and unnecessarily in the present). ~ Oren Pardes [Do You Have A Deficit Relationship?]

Extreme fear is terror. Terrorism is the exploitation and manipulation of people’s fears for some kind of gain.
~ Oren Pardes [Do You Have A Deficit Relationship?]

Although it does not always seem like it, most human behavior (including traveling the path to “HELL” – where someone Has Even “Lost” Love) originates with positive intentions. People usually do what they feel is safest and most survivable.
~ Oren Pardes [Love, Hate, and Fear]

Those who promote and perpetuate fear are called “terrorists”. Declaring “war” on “terror” will not make anyone feel “safer” or more “secure”. In fact, just the opposite is likely. ~ Oren Pardes [Love, Hate, and Fear]

Denial is not a place or a state; it is an action, which repeated frequently enough becomes an addictive habit. Inflation, deflation, and stagnation are terms that apply as much to our egos as they do to artificially induced financial situations.
~ Oren Pardes [Do You Have A Deficit Relationship?]

Anything worth doing is worth doing. Period. Even badly…at first – until you get it right. The ideal would be to do it right and to do it now.
~ Oren Pardes [20/20 Vision and Still Blind]

It’s always the right time to do the right thing.

It’s more important to do the right things than to do things right.

Do the best you can, with what you have, from where you are.

Freedom, like happiness, is a place you come from, not a place you go to. You don’t go to happy, or do happy, but you can BE HAPPY – NOW, for no reason (other than that you want to). ~ Oren Pardes

The shortness of life is part of why it is important to appreciate and make the most of it – while you can. Even more important is to create positive memories (including about us) for others. ~ Oren Pardes [A Day for the Living]

In many ways, all we really do in life is make memories – for ourselves and others That which is not memorable is almost as if it did not occur or matter at all. ~ Oren Pardes [Making Memories Matter]

People are sometimes told to get out of their heads and to stop thinking. Yet, very few people ever truly think at all. Henry Ford called thinking the hardest work anyone could do, which is why so few ever engage in it. When people don’t THINK, they are also usually not (as) Thankful, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, and/or Kind.
~ Oren Pardes [Do You Have A Deficit Relationship?]

Consciously create positive memories for those around you. Make your words and actions as impactful and memorable as you can. What you say and do matters more than you may realize. What and how you and others remember what you say and do may matter even more. Choose your memories – especially those you’d like others to have of you. Life is too precious and short to not focus on (making) as many “good” memories as we can.
~ Oren Pardes [Making Memories Matter]

Love is sometimes confused with lust, longing, and/or infatuation – but love often actually has less to with what we feel (we want) than simply sensing, caring about, and/or desiring what is best (and in the highest good) for someone else – even when we do not “benefit” or seem to be included. ~ Oren Pardes [Love, Hate, and Fear]

Love is not something to fall into or out of, but something develops and grows – with vulnerability, intimacy, and acceptance (of both ourselves and others). Perhaps love is not something (that we make – in or out of bed) at all – but just an expression of what we (and others) already are.
~ Oren Pardes [Love, Hate, and Fear]

It is not enough to simply love others; we also must protect and provide for them – especially when they may not be able to do so themselves on their own.
~ Oren Pardes [How may we serve each other]

The best MYTH is one that helps Make Yourself The Hero.
~ Oren Pardes [Heroes Wanted]

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cow-boys; let them be sheep-men and goat-herders instead! ~ Oren Pardes

“Success is what you make it” — by (your own) definition. To “win” or “lose” at anything, often has more to do with what and how you “play” (and what you walk away with) than the “score”. ~ Oren Pardes [Life Lessons]

It has been said that what lies behind us and before us pales in comparison to what lies within us. Perhaps that is the problem – and one place there seems to be no deficit: the number and power of the lies within us. Most people are not awake, aware or conscious enough to really be called liars, but they are often deceiving themselves and others with beliefs that distort reality, dissipate energy, delay progress, and disempower anyone who accepts them (as true). ~ Oren Pardes [Do You Have A Deficit Relationship?]

Like packing a suitcase for a trip, what we really need in our stomach is usually about half as much as we think – so a good practice is to divide any “serving” into two and put half away for another time. We can always eat it later.
~ Oren Pardes [Do you want fries with that?]

Most humans are addicted to something: sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, television, internet, “drama”, money, FOOD, attention, etc. But unlike “porn”, the spread of CORN may be harder to “control” or “block”. All I am asking is that YOU break YOUR addiction to corn and that you share YOUR reasons with others. Perhaps it’s still not too late to make a difference – before corn kills us all. ~ Oren Pardes [Not at all corny]

What you do matters: Life is a habit. ~ Oren Pardes

It’s never too late to develop holy wholesome health habits. ~ Oren Pardes

Our health, wealth, and happiness are the result of our habits.
~ Oren Pardes [Life Is a Habit]

Like our clothing, our habits tend to identify, express and cover every aspect of our lives. ~ Oren Pardes [Life Is a Habit]

Time cannot really be “managed” – but our attitude, choices, and behavior can! Perhaps one of the most important habits to monitor is what we say to ourselves (and others). Words have power – and affect what we think, believe, and do. ~ Oren Pardes

Take my advice; I’m not using it. ~ Oren Pardes

Stopping does not necessarily indicate “failure” – IF one eventually resumes. It may even be necessary or beneficial to stop sometimes. It’s never continuing that ends the opportunity for eventual “success”. ~ Oren Pardes

If at first you don’t succeed… you’ll appreciate it more when you do! ~ Oren Pardes

Happiness is more a matter of values, attitudes, and beliefs than anything else. What we habitually say to ourselves (about ourselves and our lives) may well determine the quality (and even the length) of our lives.
~ Oren Pardes [Life Is a Habit]

Look, listen, learn
Live, love, laugh
Light the way
Leave enough for others

~ Oren Pardes

That’s my perspective. What’s yours? ~ Oren Pardes

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