Each of us speaks our own language; mine is Orenese. ~ Oren Pardes

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Thinking and feeling is fine but unless spoken, showed, or shared no one else knows.
~ Oren Pardes

There is no reason to hide. Those who can see you will anyway and those who can’t still won’t. Being seen is not necessarily good, bad, or even important – only what does or does not happen as a result. ~ Oren Pardes

You are accepted, loved, and appreciated – whatever you think, feel, say, or do. Remember that. ~ Oren Pardes

Accepting you (as you are, have been, and/or may always be) does not mean excusing, expecting, or accepting less from you. Nor does it rule out hoping and helping you grow, improve and become “more” (of who you really are – or could be). ~ Oren Pardes

We are ALL teachers (whether we realize it or not). WE can also learn from everyone we meet and everything we do. ~ Oren Pardes

When I WIN so does the TEAM. Help others WIN (with me – and you)! ~ Oren Pardes

Life is a team sport – and requires collaboration. ~ Oren Pardes

Anything I can do… I know many who can do better. I am often in awe, admiration, and appreciation of others I see – with no desire to imitate, emulate, or impersonate. What about YOU would you like others to celebrate, consecrate, and congratulate?
~ Oren Pardes

No plant has learned to grow in rows. Those that do were planted that way by humans. What makes something a weed is that it is not wanted – not just where something else is but usually not at all. It’s use(s), value, and benefit have yet to be discovered by the person who doesn’t want it. A weed by any other name would no longer be (just) a weed. Weeds are often superior to other plants in many ways – except for the only one that really matters: humans liking and wanting them.
~ Oren Pardes

Many women today are quite adamant about not needing a man in their life – and yet wonder why there often is not. Could there be a connection??? ~ Oren Pardes

Don’t play the BLAME game- Because Losers Always Make Excuses. ~ Oren Pardes

We should be as quick to compliment as we are to criticize. ~ Oren Pardes

Perception is projection and reflection of what is within. ~ Oren Pardes

What we see depends mainly on what we look for. ~ Oren Pardes

What is, or is not, “true” is not dependent upon anyone’s “belief” or “acceptance”.
~ Oren Pardes

WE are more powerful than ME. How can we help each other? ~ Oren Pardes

We will all, at some point, be in need – and those who are not “poor” may someday depend upon those who are for some kind of assistance when they become old, ill, or injured – so we should be slow to judge and quick to help others if, when, and how we can. ~ Oren Pardes

I’m looking for someone NOT living in Scare City to be my PARTNER in a-bun-dance.
~ Oren Pardes

How someone loves matters more than why. ~ Oren Pardes

The enemy of your enemy is NOT your friend. ~ Oren Pardes

The world is not black and white – and neither are humans (regardless of the amount of melanin in their skin). Like it or not, we have more in common than any differences between us. ~ Oren Pardes

Concepts of Erasism have apparently become e-Racism. Cars may race but Auto-Racism seems to be just calling anyone who dislikes or disagrees with something a Racist. This is not a race that can be won; only lost. ~ Oren Pardes

When “rights” are “left” to a government (to give or take away), that government owns and controls all (of us). It is government, not rights, that needs to be limited.
~ Oren Pardes

No government ever really represents the people of any country. Americans are often unable to grasp this – and make no distinction in their minds between a government and the people of a country. ~ Oren Pardes

Most “politics” is “theater” and distraction – and most politicians are professional parasites, prostitutes, and puppets. The form of government or economic system does not seem to ever change this. ~ Oren Pardes

As emotions increase in intensity, most people’s ability to think clearly decreases proportionally. The focus of public attention is being distracted (again) – by emotional “issues” being used to manipulate us. ~ Oren Pardes

The problem isn’t what we know, but what we know that just ain’t so. Beware misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda. ~ Oren Pardes

Advertising and “public relations” are simply social engineering of consent by shifting perception. Some would say it’s all just sales or “influence” psychology.
~ Oren Pardes

There is an error in thinking we live in an ear of terror – that we must combat.
~ Oren Pardes

If wars are so unwanted, why are there so many? Hint: Despite all the death and destruction, wars are very “profitable” – especially for those who back both sides. ~ Oren Pardes

Every “conspiracy theory”, no matter how (seemingly) crazy or improbable, began because of (still) unanswered questions about withheld information, provably false “facts”, and/or clearly contrived “evidence” in the “official” story. Regardless of what you may believe about the “premise” or “conclusions” of any “theory”, take a look at the questions that started it. It is mainly the refusal to address issues of concern (without lying or attempting to cover up and conceal the “truth”) that fuels “alternative” explanations to any (unaccepted) “official” version. Many “theories” may be far closer to what is “real” than you may like or be ready to accept (the implications). ~ Oren Pardes

9-1-1 is not for everyone. ~ Oren Pardes

The reason for holidays on the calendar seldom has anything to do with shopping.
~ Oren Pardes

What busy-ness are you in? ~ Oren Pardes

If at first you don’t succeed… you’ll appreciate more when you do. ~ Oren Pardes

If every master was once a disaster and failure leads to success, someday I may have quite a story to tell. ~ Oren Pardes

When measuring “success”, keep in mind that what often matters most is how much good you for FOR OTHERS. ~ Oren Pardes

Human behavior is largely based upon incentives – positive or negative. We need both more rewards and more consequences – but less government – for a better society. ~ Oren Pardes

What you do matters. Life is a habit. ~ Oren Pardes

Leaving a light on is not the same as letting you own light shine. ~ Oren Pardes

Be like a lighthouse – serving both as a guide to help others find their way and as a warning for others to stay safe and avoid known danger. ~ Oren Pardes

To spread light, you can shine your own as well as reflect that of others.
~ Oren Pardes

I like the light – but bring on the night; it’s time to dance! ~ Oren Pardes

Dancing is more than a metaphor. ~ Oren Pardes

A leader does not need to look for followers. ~ Oren Pardes

Does acquiring followers make me a leader (by default)? ~ Oren Pardes

Without followers there are no leaders. Good leaders are usually good followers, but following is very different from leading – and most followers should stick to following and stop trying to back-lead, backseat drive, or back talk whoever is doing their best to lead. ~ Oren Pardes

More salsa, less chips! ~ Oren Pardes

Having enough doesn’t mean never having more – but wanting more usually means never having enough. ~ Oren Pardes

Better than “getting” rich in order to help others is helping enrich others as a way of (all) becoming rich(er). ~ Oren Pardes

Removing the straw that broke the camel’s back does not necessarily allow the camel to walk again. ~ Oren Pardes

Some believe that nothing happens until after a sale. Who is selling who what doesn’t always have to do with money. ~ Oren Pardes

You cannot truly create abundance for yourself and others by promoting scarcity – especially as “value” or reason to act. ~ Oren Pardes

LEAVE some money on the table! ~ Oren Pardes

You can’t lose what you don’t have. ~ Oren Pardes

Your OFFER may be “irresistible”, but if you stack too much “value” into it, those who buy may resists actually using it. ~ Oren Pardes

Results take time. If you can’t guarantee whatever you are selling for AT LEAST 90 days, it’s probably not very good. ~ Oren Pardes

Most internet marketers make sheep seem like independent thinkers. ~ Oren Pardes

Never underestimate the power of he words “I AM”. ~ Oren Pardes

All talk with no walk is not just meaningless noise; it is either misleading self-deception or outright lying to others. What is said matters. What is done matters more. Trust, but verify. ~ Oren Pardes

Success is NOT determined by potential or even strengths; it is determined by CONSTRAINTS. A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link(s). ~ Oren Pardes

What is your greatest fear of frustration? Maybe I can help. ~ Oren Pardes

Contemplation is the key to transformation. Reflect upon it. ~ Oren Pardes

Everything exists within a context – including perspectives. How is yours evolving?
~ Oren Pardes

Change is a part of every life. Resisting is often as futile as it is frustrating.
~ Oren Pardes

Tweets may exist as an echo far longer than you realize – in the Library of Congress Archive. Tweet accordingly. ~ Oren Pardes

Word choice matters – because words affect how we think and feel. How often do YOU think about or question the meaning of words you or others use? ~ Oren Pardes

Politically “correct” rhetoric, advertising euphemisms, and impersonal terminology common in corporate, military, medical, and legal “culture” are major obstacles to open, honest, clear communication and result in acceptance and approval of much that would be if people actually said what was really meant. ~ Oren Pardes

The present is the nexus between past and future, where we came from and where we are going, what we were and what we are becoming. This is true for technology as it is for family genealogy. Without our ancestors, we would not be here. We should neither forget nor disrespect them – nor anything that may have contributed to our lives. Do not ask what have they done for us lately. We should be grateful and appreciative of their mere existence – without which we would not have ours.
~ Oren Pardes

“Age” is simply a measure of time – and does NOT include condition, “maturity”, or (remaining) lifespan. How “old” someone may or may not be seldom has any relevance to many aspects of their life or abilities. ~ Oren Pardes

Seeking something (else) new (of your own)? Consider the Pardes Perspective – for Secrets of Creativity and Innovation. ~ Oren Pardes

Thoughts and ideas are like “mind viruses”. Please help spread An Epidemic of Ideas.
~ Oren Pardes

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