This site is based upon my personal perspective and perception. Much of my writing shares the idea that what each of us thinks, feels, and does makes a difference and often influences others.

More people than we realize are often interested in and/or may benefit from the sharing of our opinions, feedback, reviews, recommendations, testimonials, and endorsements regarding various businesses, products, services, people, places, and anything else we may have experienced.

Social media, network marketing, and group membership are built on the premise of people connecting and communicating with each other.

The Internet expands our personal social circle and influence to include input and reviews on Yelp, YouTube, Yahoo, Google, Bing, City Search, Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, Craigslist, and various more specific industry, instructional, and informational (exchange) sites.

In an age of information and marketing overload, increasing censorship, propaganda, and political correctness, our connecting, interacting, and sharing with others may now be more important and needed than ever.

Sharing is more than just caring; it is an opportunity to serve others. Consumer reports, peer reviews, user feedback, and sharing personal experience can often greatly benefit both individuals and businesses.

Never underestimate the value of and the real need for Good Reviews. I’m still learning how to give and ask for them – along with what criteria may actually matter most. I believe anything worth doing is worth doing – even poorly (at first). I invite you to share my exploration of reviews, recommendations, and testimonials – and to share your own comments, questions, and concerns (with me and others). No expertise required.


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