Good Reviews

Good reviews help inform, influence, and inspire others. A review of any kind is essentially sharing with others one’s experience and perception. Sharing is caring.

A good review should somehow evaluate, educate, entertain, enlighten, edify, encourage, and empower. Ideally, what is shared is done in a manner that others enjoy, appreciate, and benefit from receiving.

“Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain – and most fools do.” ~Benjamin Franklin

Our (public) reputation is among our most valuable social assets – and what others think and say about us is a form of currency that often determines how much of any other kind we may have access to.

Each of us has our own preferences and perceptions, yet even ONE person’s limited expression of them can sometimes make a (powerful) lasting impression on many others. And the messenger may not matter nearly as much as their message.

“Word of mouth” is FAR greater in extent, frequency, and impact than any advertising or marketing could ever hope to be. Keep this in mind when reading and writing reviews – especially since far fewer people publicly share or say anything to anyone than may agree with those who do.

In today’s word, even ONE person’s opinion can QUICKLY go viral and be shared with many millions of others – and YET, ONLY SEVEN percent of conversations affecting up to 50% of buying decisions take place or are found online in ANY form.

Problems are actually opportunities for improvement – and for mutual satisfaction. Much more constructive than criticism and complaints are convincing compliments and creating incentive to improve and interact further.

Almost everyone actually wants the same outcome – to have an ongoing satisfying relationship. And it may not take much – to create, maintain, or lose this. Everyone involved would usually benefit from seeing themselves on the same “side” and either asking for or presenting (new) options – for how each of them may be able to help the other get what they really need, want, or desire.

The value of a review, recommendation, testimonial, or endorsement is more than just someone sharing their individual experience or providing patron perspective, perception, and preferences; it’s also a potential win-win-win for the reader, writer, and who or what is written about.

Readers often receive desired and helpful information from reviews and reports that they might not otherwise. The writer not only can share their opinion and what they may know (that others might not) but also allow others to get to know them. Promoting others is often the best way to promote oneself. And the focus of a review gets feedback and attention that they might not otherwise. All thus have an opportunity to learn, benefit, and hopefully improve something of their own as a result.

Criteria to Consider including in Reviews of Restaurants/Venues:

Basic Overview: Available Food, Drinks, Music or Entertainment
Schedule/Availability: Hours, Events, Best Times, Requirements
Cost: Admission, Food, Drinks, Parking, Specials, Discounts
Recommendations: Favorites, Tips, Suggestions
Specifics: Size, Quality, Cleanliness, Access
Facilities: Restrooms, Seating, Lighting
Logistics: Transportation, Parking
Ratios: Age, Gender, Experience

Criteria to Consider including in Product & Service Reviews:


Criteria to Consider including in Book, Movie, Music Reviews:

Memorable Lines/Lyrics
Issues Addressed

Criteria to Consider including in Testimonials & Endorsements:

Prior Situation
Experience/Help Received
Difference Made
Success/Result Achieved

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