Nikken is a global health and wellness company – helping people add more years to their lives and more life to their years (by improving their bodies, minds, families, society, and finances).

Nikken products feature innovations that set them apart from anything else on the market. They combine traditional wisdom with modern technology and advanced engineering. The result is a product line that represents practical solutions for dealing with life’s everyday challenges. Like many who have tried these products, I now promote and sell those that I feel will benefit others.

Please contact me regarding personal product purchases or financial business opportunities – and use my Nikken Consultant ID# 860239300 to order products directly from Nikken.

Frequently asked questions regarding magnetic products

Magnets attract. Attraction creates action. Magnets can help support an ongoing adventure where massage is the message:

Magnetic Support

Magnetic Massage

Each step of your journey can act as an opportunity magnet for relaxation, restoration, and balance:

Magnetic Insoles



Nikken Sport Socks

Magnetic Jewelry

Water is essential for life. No need to worry about what you drink with this:

PiMag Sport Bottle

Quality rest, relaxation, sleep, and dreaming is a requirement, not a luxury – yet it can be enjoyed like a luxurious dream come true:

Rest & Relaxation

Vital Sleep Pack – Kenko Dream Light

Vital On-The-Go Pack

Kenko Naturest Travel Pillow

Kenko Travel Comforter


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