The Power and Influence of Word of Mouth

The most powerful and influential marketing of any kind is WORD OF MOUTH – especially from people you know and/or trust. NO amount of company advertising nor any other kind of marketing can compare with what is said (online and/or IN PERSON) by someone you know and/or respect. Keep this in mind at all times.

Let others know if/when you have a particularly good or bad experience with a company/business/product. Promote companies that exceed your expectations – and warn others about any that treat you poorly and/or do not fulfill their promises.

A “problem” is an opportunity for a company to convert dissatisfaction into lifetime loyalty – and complaints into compliments. Perhaps even better than never having any problems is having a reputation of never losing any customers due to one and exceeding expectations for successful resolution. A company that doesn’t value its paying customers’ satisfaction does not “deserve” their business – nor often that of others they know and/or can influence. There is always a way to make things right.

It usually costs MUCH less to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one – so current customers should always be treated better than anyone not yet paying a company (especially if those not yet paying have to be offered “specials” or lower rates to become new customers). Any company that can’t attract future customers by how it treats current ones is doing something wrong. Any company that doesn’t understand the potential lifetime value (including the influence on others) of current customers (or just doesn’t care about losing them) doesn’t “deserve” to keep them.

Share your experiences, recommendations, and warnings on social media, review sites, and IN PERSON. Help out companies you like by mentioning something others may benefit from – and help others out by warning of companies to avoid.

Keep good companies in business by letting others know about them. Discourage others from doing (further or future) business with individuals and companies with whom (as a result of experience with them) you would not do business with again.

Offer excellent service yourself – and “demand” it from others. Together we can create a world in which more of what we expect and accept, as well as what we say and hear about others (and ourselves) will be positive and good and helpful.


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