“Daylight Saving Time” starts on SUN-Day morning, at 2am. Clocks can be changed but time can NOT be “saved”. Time also can NOT be “managed” – although it may be “manipulated”. The same is true for human behavior. Advancing our clocks and getting out of bed and doing things one hour earlier than we would otherwise creates the illusion of an extra hour of daylight before the sun goes down – with a corresponding tendency toward reducing electricity usage (for lighting and activities after dark). Although (potential) energy can be “stored”, the “power” we do or do not use can NOT really be “created”, “consumed”, or “conserved”. Even the “resources” required to generate electricity, gasoline, or even food really just change form more than are actually produced, preserved, or put out.

The planet Earth may revolve around the sun, but modern society revolves around the clock. The “standard time” we use was developed as a result of coordinating railroad schedules, and does not reflect the actual position of the sun in relation to the earth. As a result of earthquakes, the earth’s axis and rotation have altered slightly – and our “days” are now minutely shorter – no matter what the clock may say.

Ancient humans worshiped the sun (and sometimes even thought of it as a Deity). Today, society worships time, money, and power (as an “Unholy Trinity”?). Clocks (and calendars) define, structure, and organize time (and what is experienced, or done, during it). Schedules tend tend to limit more than allow – “constricting” time available. People are “alarmed” by their clocks – of approaching “dead lines” – for which they may have no “life line”.

Those salivating for salvation will not be saved by Pavlov’s bell. The hands of the clock March (before April), but with an hour LESS to sleep, many people May Spring Forward out of bed on SUN-Day hoping to Fall Back to the time (standard) they became accustomed to during “darker” days of their lives.

Wishing you much light – and the “time” to enjoy it. Savor it while you can – because you cannot save it, nor can it save you.

That’s my perspective. What’s yours?

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