The light of your life is meant to be shared

Each of us has gifts, talents, and abilities, insights, understandings, and experience that others do not. While whatever may be “unique” or even just “uncommon” may benefit us, its real “value” is in what it may offer and contribute to others. In many ways, what we usually think of as “ours” may actually be (“intended” more) “for others”.

None of us exists in a vacuum. And none of us is truly an (isolated) “island” or ever independent and unconnected. We are merely holons – whole parts of whole parts (made up of whole parts). Our unique separate identity is like essential pieces of a universal jigsaw puzzle – or particles in a wave of light.

The comparison with light may be more than just a metaphor or an analogy.

Light is simply a form of (visible) energy. Humans not only perceive light, we also emit it. The light we reflect, radiate, and shine is not for our benefit, but for others – including many we may not ever (need to) see, meet, or know – just as the beacon of a lighthouse exists to serve others rather than itself.

While our perceptions are personal and our focus limited, the impact of, and perhaps even need for, what we say, do, and even just may “be” (by simply existing) may have far greater effect on others than we may ever be aware.

How may we serve each other? Keeping a positive eye out for others!

Life is a habit Making a difference. Which station are YOU tuned into?

A game to remember: The energy you send out is what you get back.

When students are ready, teachers appear. No expertise required.

Don’t shoot the messenger! Because Losers Always Make Excuses.

Trying my patience: Are you insane or crazy (enough to succeed)?

20/20 vision and still blind? Birds of a feather flock together.

Just thinking: When I WIN so does the TEAMiTEAM for all.

A Capital Idea: Your share includes taking care of yourself.

Love, sacrifice, and service: Get INTO your comfort zone!

First things first: Breath – Deeply! The time of our lives.

Time of the heart: Heroes wanted Deeds, not words.

See something, Say something! Say YES!

Craving satisfaction? Trust your gut!

That’s my perspective. What’s YOURS?

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