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FYI – Covering Content Is Often Counterproductive

Tweet Despite common claims to the contrary, “content” is NOT king, queen, or even a royal pain.

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Talk to me!

Accuracy, Brevity, and Clarity have long been said to be the ABCs of (Effective) Communication – but what about the rest of the alphabet? Read more »

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Just thinking

What anyone else thinks of us is really none of our business. What we think (and say or don’t) to others is. Sometimes more important than NOT blurting out everything that comes to mind is expressing and sharing the positive, supportive, appreciative things we think and feel that others only know if we TELL them. Most of what people hear, believe, and repeat to themselves, from early childhood on, is not very “empowering”. Kind words are seldom forgotten – especially when obviously sincerely expressed. It does not take much to “make someone’s day”. More importantly, no one else can say what YOU have to say – the way YOU say it. Read more »

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Clearly “C”-ing Changes Context

Rather than “going over” things, I encourage teachers, trainers, experiential facilitators, and anyone else with something to “share” to refrain from “covering” anything, but rather allow, assist, and encourage their audience(s) to “discover” the value that lies within. Read more »

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The Medium is the Message

Are computers, televisions, iPods, cell phones, and other popular communication and entertainment devices actually creating disconnection and alienation from “real” life? It seems like more and more people would rather text or email than actually talk to or spend time with others. People standing next to each other often direct their attention into some hand-held device instead of toward each other – or are listening to whatever is broadcast into their ear(s) instead of the sounds (of anyone else) around them. Read more »

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