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“I am” I said

What do YOU say after “I am”? I encourage you to be MUCH more conscious and aware of whatever it may be – since it is a declaration of your identity (and a “prayer” for your energy to resonate with whatever you are describing). Read more »

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Keeping A Positive Eye On Others

A lit candle can light many others without losing any of it’s own light. The same is true for love and an upbeat, positive attitude. Read more »

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Do You Have A Deficit Relationship?

Responsibility is the ability to respond. It is something we must advocate rather than abdicate; accept and embrace rather than reject and run away from. The most important relationship we have, and the one that affects all others, is the one we have with ourselves. Will yours be based in fear, scarcity and insecurity or abundance, unconditional love and ongoing (mutual) support? Read more »

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