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Ending Terror

Terror is a means to an end. What that really means is that terror must end. Read more »

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The Error of Terror

Those who promote and perpetuate fear are terrorists. Reactions to intimidation and implied violence are almost always greater in degree and scope than the damage or required response to actual attacks. Read more »

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Love, Hate, and Fear

Some people are overly sensitive to light, yet few people are adverse to more love in their lives. The best way to increase the amount and/or experience of whatever you desire is probably to offer and express it to others – especially when you are most afraid. The best “antidote” and “remedy” for fear is love. Read more »

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Run for your life?

Stopping does not necessarily indicate “failure” – IF one eventually resumes. It may even be necessary or beneficial to stop sometimes. It’s never continuing that ends the opportunity for eventual “success”. For someone to do something long enough and/or enough times to produce desired results, it really helps to believe that is possible (for them to succeed and get what they want) – in spite of current evidence to the contrary Read more »

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Better Together

Being single can be fun and have advantages, but humans generally are at their best when what they do is for the benefit of more than just themselves – and the greatest personal growth and fulfillment tends to come within long-term committed relationships. Read more »

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