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The Light of Freedom

Neither liberty nor freedom is free – and cannot be taken for granted. The (often physical) fight to preserve or regain liberty and freedom often seems never-ending – like the Global War OF (rather than Against) Terror. The struggle is not only against tyranny and oppression but also against apathy and indifference. All that is often needed for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. But darkness does not understand and cannot overcome light. Rather than continually fight, we would be wise to nurture and share our light – and that of all others around us. Read more »

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Have a Happy Day!

Holidays are “holy days”. Holy is whatever is in part or even wholly (and completely) special, unique, and sacred – consciously distinguished from the ordinary (as profound rather than profane). Pro-found is in favor of (dis-covering and) finding. May you find each day (of YOUR life) to be holy in its own way. Read more »

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Happy Holidays?

Tweet There are more and more blogs, songs on the radio, shows on TV, and people thinking and talking about Christmas, as the 25th of December gets nearer. [..]

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