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Secrets of Creativity and Innovation

Nothing is ever really created or completely “new”. All that we are, have, (can) do, and know is based on what came before. Everything is essentially a “remix” or variation of an already existing model or theme. Read more »

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No Expertise Required

Sometimes the best way to help oneself is to help others. If I might somehow be of help to you – or you to me, please let me know. Read more »

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Making a Difference

Rather than ask ourselves IF we are making a difference, I’d like to suggest we ask HOW we do – or can.

Our “legacy” may be far more impressive than we realize. Like footprints and fingerprints, we leave behind soul prints everywhere we go. Read more »

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20/20 Vision and Still Blind?

What we think, say and do may matter as much in other people’s lives and future as it does in our own. We are often unaware of how (much) we affect other people’s moods, opinions and actions – in the moment and sometimes long after. Read more »

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Which Station Are YOU Tuned Into?

Our bodies are like antennas that allow us to “tune in” to the station(s) of our choice. Choosing is what prevents our receiving signals from many broadcasts that we may not want. Broadcasting originally referred to planting seeds. If we are not careful about what we allow to take root, we may later have difficulty ridding ourselves of it. Read more »

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