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Is Life Like A Sudoku Puzzle?

Regardless of why you might even be devoting any time, attention, and effort to Sudoku (or anything or anyone else in life), what might your preferences, habits, and “results” reveal and “say” about you? Read more »

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Three Life Options

Between perceived mutually exclusive polar extremes are usually many other options – including (or integrating) both or neither. Read more »

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Breathe – Deeply!

Tweet Today, like all others, is the start of a new year. When beginning anything, the idea is usually also to be gaining something. Initiative can be good [..]

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The Time of Our Lives

Life may be many things, but most are measured in time. Every moment is, literally, the time of our lives! While we do not always make the “best” use of it (in a “timely” manner), most people are at least aware of and are able to appreciate the “passage” of time – and, on some level, realize that NOW is all there is. In the respect of an eternal present moment, time does not exist – and yet humans have created numerous incredibly elaborate methods and systems of categorizing and recording time. It sometimes seems like our culture “worships” time (and money). The concept of time that sometimes seems to vary the most is the (yearly) calendar. Read more »

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20/20 Vision and Still Blind?

What we think, say and do may matter as much in other people’s lives and future as it does in our own. We are often unaware of how (much) we affect other people’s moods, opinions and actions – in the moment and sometimes long after. Read more »

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