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How may we serve each other?

The greatest service society can provide for those who serve society is to make it possible for them to continue to do so.

Rather than asking if we can help or serve, we ought to ask (ourselves and others) how we can. Read more »

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Making Memories Matter

Tweet In many ways, all we really do in life is make memories – for ourselves and others. That which is not memorable is almost as if it [..]

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Old soldiers never die; young ones do. Don’t be a reason!

There are many ways to protect our “national interests”, ensure our “national security”, and do what is “right” and/or “needed” for others around the globe. Sometimes we really must “close with and destroy the enemy” – so that we (and/or those we seek to protect) can survive. More often than not, alternative responses and types of “intervention” are much more effective. Perhaps the most “unconventional” warfare of all is to make your enemy your friend and ally. “Hearts and minds” are more often “won” not by force or (manipulative) “Psychological Operations”, but by providing education, medical care, “modern” infrastructure, “basic” services, economic support, “self-sufficiency” training, and most of all, exposure to (and experience of) Americans (in uniform) as a force of good (to support and emulate), rather than as an “enemy” (to fear, resist, or attack). Read more »