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Memorial Monday

a day to remember – and reflect with respect Read more »

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A Day for the Living

The shortness of life is part of why it is important to appreciate and make the most of it – while you can. Even more important is to create positive memories (including about us) for others. People “live on” in the minds (and possibly actions) of those who remember them…. Read more »

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The Difference Between Veterans Day and Memorial Day

Tweet U.S. Military veterans are the (less than) 10% of the population that serve(d) their nation (and local communities) by guarding and preserving the rights and freedoms of [..]

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Random thoughts about the year(s) to come

Few things in life, law, religion, or politics are truly “black or white”. The population of this country/world certainly is not! Many of the “problems” in this country/world are due mainly in part from NOT seeing or accepting that there are many, many alternatives to how we (have been taught to) think/live. There is almost never one “right” way with all others wrong. But for things to change WE must change. Read more »

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