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Maybe Later

Rather than simply say “no” – or accept that as a final response from others, consider the possibility of it being Not now; Maybe later. Even what at any given time may be clearly ruled out may at another time be reconsidered Read more »

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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

People ask questions for many reasons – only ONE of which is to actually get information. The answers people give and receive often depend on the questions asked. The very quality of life is probably partially determined by the types of questions we ask ourselves and others. Our (conscious and subconscious) minds will come up with answers to everything asked. The answers we get does not always tell us what we think we want or need to know. Read more »

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Do You Have A Deficit Relationship?

Responsibility is the ability to respond. It is something we must advocate rather than abdicate; accept and embrace rather than reject and run away from. The most important relationship we have, and the one that affects all others, is the one we have with ourselves. Will yours be based in fear, scarcity and insecurity or abundance, unconditional love and ongoing (mutual) support? Read more »

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