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Reflections, Projections, and Rejections

The stories we tell – ourselves and others – matter and mean more than most people realize. Events and facts do not change, but our perception of and connection to them – and the stories we tell about them often does. It is important to ask ourselves how the stories we tell “serve” us – and whether there may be better ones we could tell (and believe more) instead. Read more »

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How Do YOU See The World?

There is a literal inverse relationship between what the eyes perceive and what we see. Although light and other stimuli may be perceived by our eyes, humans do not see with their eyes, but with our minds. The images that impact us most are the ones we (re)create ourselves. Read more »

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Believe it or not

What people believe often affects others. People KILL for “beliefs”! Unlike most other thoughts or ideas, many beliefs are unconscious. People are not even always aware of them – even as they “control” their lives. Beliefs may be “limiting” or “empowering”, helpful or hurtful, delightful or dangerous – but they are still just thoughts and ideas (that people act and react to – as if they were “true”). Read more »

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