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Run for your life?

Posted by Oren Pardes | Posted in Life | Posted on 20-12-2009

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Evolution is inevitable, but to evolve often involves some discomfort.

Comfort Zones are often not all that “comfortable”. Perhaps a better term might be Familiar Zones. What is familiar is like home. Home is where people usually like to go and return to – especially when they are tired and/or just want to relax and be less “conscious” for a while. What we consider home is in many ways just a habit.


Are you insane or just crazy (enough to succeed)?

Posted by Oren Pardes | Posted in Life, Relationships | Posted on 27-08-2009

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Insanity is often defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results – and yet success often depends on doing something (well) long enough for desirable results to manifest.

Insanity or just patience? Perhaps some of both is needed for “success”.