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Just thinking

What anyone else thinks of us is really none of our business. What we think (and say or don’t) to others is. Sometimes more important than NOT blurting out everything that comes to mind is expressing and sharing the positive, supportive, appreciative things we think and feel that others only know if we TELL them. Most of what people hear, believe, and repeat to themselves, from early childhood on, is not very “empowering”. Kind words are seldom forgotten – especially when obviously sincerely expressed. It does not take much to “make someone’s day”. More importantly, no one else can say what YOU have to say – the way YOU say it. Read more »

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Birds of a feather flock together

That which is different is strange, queer, odd. But what is unique is also special, sacred, holy, and highly valuable – when seen and/or used that way. Read more »

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Do You Have A Deficit Relationship?

Responsibility is the ability to respond. It is something we must advocate rather than abdicate; accept and embrace rather than reject and run away from. The most important relationship we have, and the one that affects all others, is the one we have with ourselves. Will yours be based in fear, scarcity and insecurity or abundance, unconditional love and ongoing (mutual) support? Read more »

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