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Accuracy, Brevity, and Clarity have long been said to be the ABCs of (Effective) Communication, but what about the rest of the alphabet?

Below are a few (alternative) words (in alphabetical order) that could be (useful, desirable, and) added to or substituted for those on existing lists (of verbal ingredients) when talking to others:

A – Accurate, Appropriate, Active, Articulate, Appreciative, Accountable
B – Brief, Believable, Blameless
C – Clear, Concise, Candid, Considerate, Conscious, Constructive, Cordial
D – Direct, Deliberate, Detailed, Deferential
E – Effective, Expressive, Enlightening, Empowering, Enthusiastic, Enough
F – Frank, Fitting, Factual, Friendly, Free-Flowing, Fearless, Fruitful, Fulfilling
G – Grounded, Goal-oriented, Gentle, Gracious, Giving
H – Honest, Helpful, Heart-felt
I – Inclusive, Inviting, Intriguing, Interesting, Important, Integrity-based
J – Justified
K – Kind
L – Listener-friendly, Life-affirming, Liberating, Lawful, Liked
M – Meaningful, Manageable, Matter-of-fact,
N – Needed, Necessary, Natural, Not negative
O – Open, On-going, Objective
P – Present, Purposeful, Personal, Provocative, Positive, Powerful
Q – Quotable, Question-answering, Qualified
R – Relevant, Respectful, Responsible, Result(s)-oriented, Reciprocal
S – Safe, Sincere, Sensitive, Supportive
T – Timely, Thoughtful, True, Thorough, Two-Way
U – Understandable, Useful, Up-to-Date, Unconditional, Unapologetic
V – Voluntary, Verifiable
W – Welcome

XYZ? Hmmm… How ’bout:

X – Xenophilic (love, rather than fear, of strangers)
Y – Yes-getting, Yielding
Z – Zippy, Zestful, Zinger-free

Those are my ideas. What are yours?

Please let me know what YOU think – regarding communication (including any words to consider adding or deleting). What works (best) for YOU?

There are many forms and levels of communication. My ABC list is merely an attempt to add a few more “ingredients” to consider for an existing “recipe” (that others may already know and use) – without going into how or when to use them – in what quantities, sequence(s), combination(s), or with whom.

The best cooks seldom use recipes – and neither do the best communicators.

Who we (desire to) communicate (effectively) with in personal relationships, business marketing, teaching, and every other area of life tends to determine what, when, how, and even why we communicate – more than any particular recipe or (list of) ingredients.

Also very important is to keep in mind a desired “outcome”.

Communication has a purpose. It helps a LOT to clarify (even if only to ourselves) what it is before beginning (or ending) – and to know how to check for acknowledgment, understanding, compliance, or whatever other response is desired.

Communication is not just sent or transmitted, it must be also received. While using some, or even all, of the ingredients on my ABC list cannot guarantee that what is communicated will be received as intended, they are certainly worth keeping in mind – and including as part of any communication recipe.

That’s my perspective. What’s yours?

Please share your thoughts and insights. Your comments and contribution to more effective communication (or anything else I post) are welcome and appreciated.

Please also check out my post about A New Alphabet – for the rest of us.

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4 responses to Talk to me!

  1. Chris Bernardo


    Thanks for sharing these ABCS! Learned a new word today from this post :

    Xenophilic (love, rather than fear, of strangers)

    Going to use that when i play Words with Friends. Looking forward to reading more!
    Chris Bernardo recently posted ..Program Hopping, What’s The Flavor of the Month?My Profile

  2. Oren Pardes

    Just so you know, I don’t think you’ll find xenophilic in the dictionary – but don’t let that stop you from using or promoting the term or concept. I needed a word starting with “X” and wanted to offer an alternative to xenophobia. I have no idea if anyone has used xenophilic before me, but I hope many will in the future. Thanks for doing what YOU can to reduce fear in the world.

  3. Oren Pardes

    Check out another blog I wrote on my Acronames site about A New Alphabet – for the rest of us:

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