Each of us is a Teacher

Each of us is a teacher (whether we realize it or not) – and it’s our duty to teach and share what we know. That’s our “job”. Don’t shoot the messenger!

Most of Life’s lessons aren’t learned in school – unless you consider Life itself a kind of school. Perhaps what is most important (for both “teachers” and “students”) to learn is how to learn. Ultimately, everyone “teaches” themselves.

There is a difference between data, information, knowledge, and wisdom. Truly “knowing” requires living and applying – not just “awareness”, “familiarity”, and/or “understanding”.

Each of us learns in a slightly different way. Sometimes we may have to (re)learn what may seem (to ourselves or others) like the “same” thing(s) again and again. More often, what we actually “learn” is on or at a different level and/or for a different reason/purpose/application (each and every time).

Sometimes “unlearning” may be more beneficial – or even necessary – than “learning”. The greatest obstacle to learning is thinking we already know. Even worse is when it is not so.

Content and concepts are always contingent upon context – as are also often anyone’s actual interest, intent, or impact.

Whether what is being taught, learned, or emphasized is theoretical, tactical, transformational, or transcendental, both teaching and learning tend to occur on more than one of four levels:

  1. Simple / Literal / Direct Instruction
  2. Implied / Allegorical / Metaphorical
  3. Conceptual / Philosophical / Explanatory
  4. Hidden / Secret / Mystical /Metaphysical

The sole/soul purpose of teaching is not restricted whatever anyone thinks is being taught. Real teaching benefits both teachers and students – and each can learn from the other.

Each one teach one.

Teaching is not only sharing, but also learning. “Teachers” have an opportunity to learn both from and more than their “students” – each time they “teach” (anyone anything).

teach (2)

Thanks for teaching me – by allowing me to learn from what I share with you.

Most people don’t need to be taught so much as they need to be reminded – often more than once.

When students are ready, teachers appear.

The average teacher tells.
The good teacher explains.
The superior teacher demonstrates.
The great teacher inspires.

Please take a moment to share something – that reminds, explains, demonstrates, or inspires (you and/or others) by posting a comment below.

Tell me a fact and I will learn.
Tell me a truth and I will believe.
Tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever

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