Three Life Options

Life often seems to throw things at us – perhaps to let us know we’re still alive. How we perceive and react to what’s thrown is a choice.

Life always offers (at least three) options:

*Fight, Flee, Freeze.
*Lead, Follow, Get out of the way.
*Give up, Give in, Give it all we’ve got.
*Yes, No, Maybe.
*Take it, Leave it, Propose/Offer/Share some other option.
*Accept, Reject, Change, Create.
*This/These, That/Those, Both/All, Neither/None.

We may choose from the (three or more) most obvious options available at the time, create (one or more) alternative(s) of our own, or refuse to choose – which is actually a choice in itself (to not actively select, reject, or create an alternative, but, instead, to passively allow and accept whatever we get).

We tend to attract less what we may want but more what or how we are (thinking, feeling, acting, showing up) – and we tend to get less what we deserve, and more what we negotiate and/or are willing to accept.

If something is thrown at us, we may choose to: catch it, move out of the way, or let it hit us.

If we catch something, we may choose to: keep it, drop it, or throw it back.

If we keep something, we may choose to: use it (wisely for our own or someone else’s benefit), misuse or abuse it (to the detriment of ourselves or others), or lose it (through insufficient appreciation and attention).

If we drop it, lose it, or move out of the way, some options or opportunities may no longer apply – but others most certainly will.

If we throw something back, we create new options: what was thrown will not be again, what was thrown will be thrown again, or something else will be thrown (instead).

If we let something hit us, it usually means one of three things: we weren’t paying attention, we don’t perceive it to require a reaction or response, or we want it to.

Every option offers more. Life itself is an option and mainly about choices. A decision is the choice to kill off all other options. It means to burn bridges and commit to one option. Sometimes that is the best choice. Other times, it’s wise to have other options available – in case needed or desired later.

The number of options available at any time may vary but even to accept or reject, and to live or die are options. Between perceived mutually exclusive polar extremes are usually many other options – including (or integrating) both or neither.

Being free to choose does not mean being free from consequences – or from Life throwing things at us. How we react is up to us.

That’s my perspective. What’s yours?

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